Reed Turntables and Tonearms Now Available in Australia

Posted on 23rd June, 2021

Reed Turntables and Tonearms Now Available in Australia

Turntable aficionados will know the Reed brand well. Despite being a small Lithuanian manufacturer with just five employees, its range of tonearms and turntables are highly regarded and enjoyed all across the globe.

The better news for Aussie audiophiles is that the complete Reed range is available once again via the newly appointed distributor, Nirvana Sound.

And the reason for some of the most exquisite tonearms and turntables the world has ever seen? That's simple, Chief designer Vidmantas Triukas. The radio engineer with three patented inventions in the acoustic behaviour of plasma in ballistic missiles turned his attention to analog audio design some years ago now. 

Known for taking established, tried and tested design principles and then applying extensive research and solid scientific methods, Triukas pushes the designs to their ultimate expression. For example, the Reed 5T is a tangential tonearm that incorporates a limited rotation sectional torque motor, with the tonearm's position controlled by laser and linear sensor array! This level of technology is simply unprecedented in tonearm design. His turntable designs follow the same philosophy and represent outstanding performance and value.

With an array of options that include arm wand materials, finishes, wiring and plug configurations for each tonearm, prices start from $4,445 RRP for the Reed 1H tonearm and go all the way to the extraordinary 5T from $24,000 RRP.

The two turntables in the range can be driven by either twin belt or rim (friction) drive. According to Nirvana Sound, the Muse 1C, starting at $14,800 RRP, “is a giant killer”. It also features an in-built electronic inclinometer that measures the turntable slope/tilt angle and allows the user to achieve a perfect horizontal alignment without using additional tools. 

Meanwhile, the Muse 3C, which starts at $25,500 RRP, is the result of more than three years of idea crunching and countless man-hours of designing, prototyping, programming, and listening. Created by one of the most talented analogue designers of this generation, the Muse 3C is also an engineering tour-de-force with multiple innovations that make it an attractive proposition for a music enthusiast looking for an end-game turntable.

The Reed tonearms and turntables are available now and ready for demonstration in Nirvana Sound's Melbourne showroom.

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