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Redgum Audio and Legend Acoustics are proudly Australian but both brands have a global following.

Hearing audio systems comprising select new models from both of the brands shapes as a not to be missed experience at this year’s Melbourne International HiFi Show in November.

Redgum will be displaying its Black Series RGi35ENR integrated amplifier ($2000) and its 65/80/95 watts per channel output into 8/4/2ohm loads will be making sublime sounds powering Legend Speakers.

The Black series models are electronic clones of the famous wood-fronted integrated and were released by Redgum in 2014 to specifically power ultra-low speaker impedances.

The RGi35ENR integrated with its dual mono remote control is the baby of the black series but as you’ll hear it’s no sonic slouch powering Legend’s smaller speakers.

Also in working mode will be the brand’s new well priced hi-res DAC, the RGDAC8 and also new, the RGFS8 file server ($990).

The latest file server has dead silent operation thanks to its use of a single, solid-state drive. Internally it carries all the connections to link and add another RGFS8 server as well as providing charging points for tablets and smartphones.

Legend’s passion for music shows in the calibre of speakers it designs and manufactures.

Its mission from inception is to give music lovers a clear, open window into the recordings of their favourite music along with the emotional excitement of attending a live performance.

Visitors to the room will have a chance to hear for themselves why Legend Speakers are so popular.

On display will be affordable models such as the desktop Legend mini speakers ($750), the bookshelf Joeys ($990) and the floor standing Kamas ($1990) that Legend says have “incredibly true to life” sound.

The Joeys and Kamas you’ll hear at the show are brand new Version 9 models.

Legend uses CAD software to design its cabinets and these are CNC machined in Sydney. Speakers are individually assembled there using the finest global components.

The magical sound of Legend speakers and their signature, open natural and fast sound comes from a carefully created synergy that’s the result of designer Dr. Rod Crawford’s deep understanding of the physics involved in speaker design.

An experience culled after decades of speaker design work in Australia and Scotland.

Visit Redgum and Legend Acoustics in Room 1308 at the International HiFi Show, November 3rd-5th, 2017 at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Queens Road, Albert Park.

Tickets on sale now.

Originally published as Redgum And Legend Speakers Are A Dynamic Duo

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