Radiance Audio Visual Strike a Chord

Posted on 8th July, 2016

Radiance Audio Visual Strike a Chord

Radiance Audio Visual, one of Australia's premier audio-visual distributors strike a chord with attendees of the Melbourne International HiFi Show earlier this month.

It was mostly standing room only in the Radiance Audio Visual room as visitors to the display arrived in large numbers and stayed for hours to enjoy the music and the gear.

While some came to take a look at the tantalizing door prizes that included the newly released Chord Electronics MOJO Headphone Amplifier and DAC, others were most happy to get up close and personal to a stunning high-end system in a large demo room that had been superbly treated with Vicoustic acoustic panels.

The system chosen by Radiance comprised the $44,900 Kharma Elegance Double Seven Signature speakers. These were superbly driven by a laptop feeding a $17,800 Chord Electronics DAVE Digital preamplifier/DAC and Chord Electronics SPM1200 MK2 power amp which has an RRP of $18,300.

Attention to detail to extract the superlative performance the Chord Electronics models and Kharma speakers have to offer included Analysis Plus cables. These comprised the Analysis Plus Silver Oval 6m speaker cable (3-mtre pair $1850), Oval 2 power cables (1.5 m $1200) and the XLR interconnects were the $1380 Silver Oval 1m.

This combination kept the room packed with visitors throughout the three-day event. Hallmarks of the system's sound was stunning detail from high to low frequencies, transparency, and soundstage with immense width, depth and height laced with pinpoint 3D-like imaging.

The Kharma speakers were simply presenting all the qualities the Chord Electronics models were generating and these included an effortless sense of micro and macro dynamics allied to deep, tight informative bass.

The system was so revealing a simple change of cables made an audible difference to the sound. Those reveling in the great sound made by this system left the room with an insight into what an authentic hi-end system has to offer.

For more information on any of these brands, visit Radiance Audio Visual.

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