Posted on 31st March, 2017


Pencil in the end of April as the month Indi Imports has stock of the Q Acoustics range of affordable speakers and sound bars.

Indi has been busier than a hive of bees acquiring the national distribution rights for Q Acoustics along with Tangent, Elipson, Canton, Unity Audio, Cyrus, System Audio, Sonoro, AMC, iEast, Elfi Design and Myryad.

The good news is there’s no sting buying any of the Q Acoustics models. We’ve reviewed and loved their combination of great sound, decent build and styling but most of all, their affordable prices.

So much so we continue to recommended the range to family and friends because they’re an unbeatable example of plenty of bang for a few bucks.

Moreover, Q Acoustics it’s fair to say though a relatively new company on the global audio scene has won the approval of plenty of Hi-Fi reviewers.

Don’t take our word simply Google the brand and you’ll hit on plenty of five star accolades.

Q acoustics Concept 20

Models that excite the audio fraternity are the Concept 20 and the 3020.

We’ve had both in for a run and loved ‘em thanks to their huge Fun-Factor.

Indi swotted hard to get Q Acoustics, but now the deal has been consummated, Indi hasn’t held back the accolades for its newest acquisition.

Paul Riachi, Managing Director of Indi Imports told StereoNET:

We believe Q Acoustics are the best affordable speakers in the world.

Young heritage, still forging a tradition. Much like Indi Imports. But our partnership is stronger than most audio, business partnerships and both of our companies have worked hard to develop a structure, strategy and allocation of resources to ensure a smooth transition for Australian consumers.

Indi is keen to point out that each Q Acoustics speaker must pass a strict quality control process. But in the unlikely case where an issue arises, Indi insists its service department will offer rapid support.

Riachi continued:

Because Indi puts a premium on long-lasting products, we will gladly repair any model, at any time. No matter how old it is.

Speaker buyers now know, the end of April is the time to strike a bargain.

For more information visit Q Acoustics.

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