Q Acoustics Chases New Australian Business

Posted on 4th June, 2020

Q Acoustics Chases New Australian Business

News emerged overnight that Melbourne-based wholesaler, Indi Imports, has dropped UK-headquartered brand, Q Acoustics, with reports that Australian distribution rights have been snapped up by Busisoft AV.

Busisoft AV, which already represents loudspeaker brands including Dynaudio, Focal, and Naim, according to many retailers, has struggled to sell Dynaudio products locally. Other news outlets have also reported that Busisoft also increased the Australian retail prices on Focal products by as much as 40 per cent recently.

Indi Imports distributed a press release overnight, stating that, “Q Acoustics and QED's product development has stagnated with no foreseeable future growth with the ever-developing smart technology.”

The release continued, “The decision for Indi to part ways with Q Acoustics and QED as new brands will be added to the portfolio we found that Q could not provide the necessary product development and range to sustain a viable future.”

“Q Acoustics has been haemorrhaging significantly after Brexit and now Covid-19. Unfortunately, Q Acoustics couldn't fulfil quantity orders required by Indi.” - a comment which has been confirmed by Australian retailers who say they have been unable to have their Q Acoustics orders fulfilled by Indi Imports.

Q Acoustics has had a chequered presence in Australia with three different distributors in the past six years. 

George Poutakidis, Managing Director - Busisoft (Left), Anker Haldan - former VP of Sales, Export - Dynaudio (Right)

Busisoft were also awarded the distribution rights to Steinway Lyngdorf recently after Dynaudio's former VP of Sales, Anker Haldan moved from Dynaudio to the Denmark-based company. Being distributed by Advance Audio at the time, the Sydney-based wholesaler was not consulted by Steinway Lyngdorf prior to losing the distribution rights, despite a proven record of sales.

Tchernov cables, a Russian brand also distributed by Busisoft, has also been subjected to counterfeit cables manufactured in Taiwan flooding the market via Asian auction and ecommerce websites recently.

The move comes as Indi Imports announced this week that its distributed high-end brand of Loewe televisions, has entered into a partnership with The Good Guys retail outlets. 

For the first time in Australian history German brand LOEWE, will be available to purchase from a mass retailer in Australia. Previously this unmistakable premium brand was only available at specialist dealers.

StereoNET contacted Busisoft AV for comment, with Founder and CEO George Poutakidis responding, “speak to our PR company”, and that “BusiSoft never does anything without planning, consideration and pre-approval from our existing vendors”. The irony is that StereoNET does not even know who Busisoft AV's PR company is, as “our PR does not send to you”, according to Poutakidis.

Either way, the Australian distribution roundabout has just been given another vigorous spin.

For more information, visit Q Acoustics.

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