Pure Power on Tap

Posted on 15th February, 2014

Pure Power on Tap

The missing link between a great audio system and its ability to seemingly put the performers in your listening room may well be Isotek’s Evo3 Titan mains power conditioner which is about to be released in Australia by distributor, Audio Active.

Isotek Evo3 Titan

The product tackles the increasing problem of noise induced from the mains power supply and air borne sources. As more machines connect to the grid, the chances of a pure unadulterated source of power feeding valuable AV equipment diminishes by the day.

Along with a poor mains power supply is the perennial problem of the grunge and noise that digital devices can feed back into a home’s power grid.

Problems which mains power conditioners like the Isotek Evo3 have been built to tackle. Audio Active says the original multi-awarding winning Evo3’s circuit has been fully enhanced to tackle common-mode and differential-mode mains noise. The new model sports a patented nine-stage conditioning network, features micro-fast protection with an earth fault protection circuit as well as r.f.i reduction measured at 82dB to 5Hz.

“The new circuit delivers an increase of 20 per cent differential-mode and 600 per cent common-mode filtering compared to the original GII Titan and can deliver 4,600-watts continuous power with a transient ability of up to 25,000-watts,” says Audio Actives, Paul Clarke.

The copper used in the Evo3 Titan is of the purest quality and is made with the Ohno continuous casting process created by Professor Ohno of the Chiba Institute of Technology in Japan. He developed the process with wire comprised of copper grains more than 300 metres in length in mind. In the Evo3 Titan the copper is silver plated and then covered with strands of FEP Teflon over which a secondary FEP Teflon tube is extruded.

The Isotek Evo3 Titan measures 275×183×275mm (WHD) and weighs 17kg. It will have a $5,499 price tag when it goes on sale in Australia in May.

For further information, please visit Audio Active.

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