PSB Alpha Powered Monitors Launched

Posted on 15th October, 2020

PSB Alpha Powered Monitors Launched

Canada's PSB has launched two affordable active monitors built on the successful Alpha Series - the Alpha AM3 and Alpha AM5.

PSB Speakers new Alpha AM3 and Alpha AM5 affordable powered speakers are available now and promise to become the backbone of your compact home entertainment system.

PSB Alpha AM3 Alpha AM5 active monitors

Being active speakers means that there's no amplifier to hook up or apps to download. Stream and listen to your favourite music with aptX Bluetooth from your mobile devices - simply pair and play. You can even charge your device while doing so! Alternatively, connect the speakers to your computer or TV.

PSB Alpha AM3 Alpha AM5 active monitors

Both models feature several sound modes giving you the choice to focus on dialogue, accentuate soundstage and more. Vinylistas get the bonus of a dedicated RCA phono input along with a 3.5 mm analogue input, optical input and USB DAC. Finally, if you need more bass, there is even an output for a subwoofer.

PSB Alpha AM3 Alpha AM5 active monitors

The main differences between the AM3 and AM5 are the size of the drivers and cabinet. The AM5 features a 5.25-inch woofer with textured polypropylene cone and a 50W x 2 amplifier. Meanwhile, the AM3 utilises a 4-inch woofer and a 35W x 2 amp. Both sport a ¾-inch aluminium dome tweeter with Neodymium magnet. Rounding things off are the removable, magnet-loaded, speaker grilles.

PSB Alpha AM3 Alpha AM5 active monitors

Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook's Product Manager for PSB Speakers, told StereoNET:

Beyond the Alpha AM's compact size, affordability and versatility of application is a sonic performance that clearly lives up to the PSB heritage. Like all PSB speakers, final voicing was performed by Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton, at Canada's famed National Research Council.

The Alpha AM3 and Alpha AM5 are offered in a choice of Matte White or Matte Black finish for AUD $649 and $999 per pair respectively.

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