Pro-Ject Releases X2 Turntable with High Standards

Posted on 28th February, 2020

Pro-Ject Releases X2 Turntable with High Standards

When Pro-Ject's X1 came along and promptly earned a StereoNET Applause Award, we thought it couldn't get any better. It's newly announced X2, however, promises hand-assembled quality that takes it up a high-end notch or three.

Said to reach right back to Pro-Ject's celebrated early models for inspiration, the X2 has been carefully tuned to offer stunning audio-focused features for the best possible price.

Pro-Ject has also added user-friendly features like push-button speed control, eliminating the annoying need to take the platter off every time you need to switch from 33 to 45rpm. And for antique freaks, the X2 is even capable of performing at 78rpm (but you'll need to fit the special included belt for that, as well as a suitable cartridge). 

Another key feature includes the longer and thicker design of its 9” tonearm, made with a carbon fibre/aluminium sandwich construction that makes it perfect for those using heavier cartridges, and which allows for precise alignment to get superior results. 

Motor isolation has also been addressed, suspended on a free-floating TPE belt with no points of contact with the turntable chassis, which Pro-Ject says “eliminates unwanted vibrations from the motor through to the turntable.”

Rounding out the feature list, there's a 30mm thick, 2kg acrylic platter and a premium handcrafted MDF plinth that's painted in eight layers of acrylic, in your choice of black or walnut finishes.

Available now, the X2 is available in several configurations - with no cartridge (AUD $1,990 / NZD $2,150), pre-fitted Ortofon 2M Bronze (AUD $2,589 / NZD $2,809) or pre-fitted Ortofon Quintet Bronze (AUD $2,989 / NZD $3,249). 

StereoNET has just completed a thorough review of Pro-Ject's X2 turntable, so stay tuned for that one next week.

For more information, visit the Pro-Ject brand page, or their website.


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