Posted on 18th September, 2018


Primephonic is poised to make a classical music lover’s dream come true with its first-rate streaming service that serves the classical music genre.

With its headquarters in the Netherlands, Primephonic and its classical music streaming service see the world as its oyster.

Primephonic fits the bill rather nicely, and that’s why it is described as the planet’s most comprehensive classical music streaming provider. According to Primephonic, Classical music had a global market share in the music market around 5% in downloads, radio and CD sales. But in streaming, its share was (and is) only 1%. The company aims to change that by making available the largest streaming library of Classical music. For example, subscribers can dip into the catalogue and delight in hearing 57 versions of Beethoven’s 7th symphony.

Primephonic has already launched in the US, the UK and the Netherlands. The service aims to go global in 2019.

Primephonic classical music streaming app

Right now, the library contains more than 1 million classical tracks culled from more than 400 recording labels including the big three: Sony Masterworks, Erato/Virgin/Warner and Decca/Deutsche Grammophon/Verve/Mercury.

In the countries where it’s now available, Primephonic’s service offers two levels of subscription. In the US $7.99 per month gets you the Premium package and music streamed at 320kbps. But pay $14.99 a month for the Platinum package, and you’ll hear music steamed at 24/96 hi-res streaming via Orastream adaptive bit-rate technology.

Primephonic's CEO, Thomas Steffens has been reported as saying that his service now has the best search engine in the industry.

He said:

We’ve done extensive tests using journalists, musicians, students and classical music lovers. In terms of accuracy, I dare to say that we now have the best classical search in the industry.

Primephonic hired conductor Guy Jones who will offer daily recommendations, unconventional playlists and a weekly summary of new classical recordings to its subscribers.

Also included are the reasons for every playlist, the date it was made, and its major theme. There are also anecdotes about composers, recordings and artists as well as side-by-side shootouts of different recordings of the same work.

Subscribers will also get to hear exclusive pre-releases and have instant access to new albums on the day of their release.

Primephonic hasn’t yet signed on to streaming music in MQA simply because many labels are yet to convert to MQA and most music lovers don’t own MQA devices.

But the company is keeping its MQA powder dry and will pull the trigger if there’s significant demand.

In even better news, Primephonic will launch a download store in a few months time.

For more information visit Primephonic.

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