Primare NP5 Prisma Mk2 Now Available

Posted on 28th October, 2021

Primare NP5 Prisma Mk2 Now Available

We told you that the popular Swedish uber-connected music player was returning with new features as the NP5 Prisma Mk2. Well, it's now shipping.

Primare's NP5 Prisma Mk2 network player initially came about as a reaction to the AKM chip factory fire, which caused long-term disruption of the supply of the critical sample rate converter (SRC) chip at the heart of the NP5 Prisma design. The NP5 Prisma is one of the Scandinavian brand's most popular models, so it sourced a readily available SRC chip and redesigned the circuit. This not only maintained the performance of the original but enabled new features.

Firstly, the NP5 Prisma Mk2 gets DoP (DSD over PCM) output as a setting option when using Roon Ready and a DoP ready DAC. You also now get MQA passthrough allowing for Tidal Master and MQA files from a NAS to passthrough for higher resolution processing by a connected MQA capable DAC.

Naturally, AirPlay 2, Bluetooth, Chromecast built-in, Roon Ready, Spotify Connect (including Spotify HiFi when available), and a host of other features are carried over from the original.

All future updates will apply to both the original NP5 Prisma and the new NP5 Prisma Mk2 models, including the highly-anticipated playback of TIDAL Master files and Qobuz at full 24/192 kHz resolution.  

It is worth noting that while Primare works toward full Roon Ready certification of all its Prisma models, Chromecast can be used as a Roon endpoint. This method provides full features and functionality, including Tidal Masters and gapless playback, the only limitation being that file resolution is capped at 24/96 kHz.

Finally, to celebrate NP5 Prisma MK2 availability, Primare will provide a complimentary sixty-day introductory Roon subscription to all Primare Prisma customers writing to with their model's name and serial number.

The Primare NP5 Prisma Mk2 is available from November and will sell for $1,100 RRP.

Visit Primare for more information

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