Plixir Power is the New Power Conditioning Brand in Town

Posted on 31st March, 2022

Plixir Power is the New Power Conditioning Brand in Town

Plixir Power, the brainchild of Singapore-based James Soh and his range of power products for hi-fi use, are now available in Australia and New Zealand thanks to HiFi Collective.

Plixir Power designs and manufactures unique, timeless, high performance and cost-effective power products, including the Elite Balanced AC and DC Conditioners, the Cube Balanced AC Conditioners. They also manufacture Plixir Cables, due to arrive later in 2022.

In 2014, James Soh designed and created the PLiXiR brand of AC and DC power products and accessories. PLiXiR power products are James's take on effective power solutions. Power's (AC and DC) influences on hi-fi equipment's performance are profound and have long been understood. 

Variations in the quality of power delivered to audio equipment affect them greatly. In many cases, users of simple systems with attention to correct AC power treatment derive greater musical performances than high-end systems that have overlooked this aspect.

With this in mind, James set out on a mission to overcome these problems. Plixir has since become a sought-after brand in Singapore and is now exported to many overseas markets.

Prior to launching Plixir, James had an accomplished career working with some of our industry's most significant digital innovators. These include Philips SG, where James was part of the design team for the first SACD player to be fully designed in Singapore. In addition to Philips, James also worked at Cirrus Logic, developing complex DSP systems and digital audio codec technology and Behringer, where he designed a series of Guitar amplifiers.

Gareth Weller, Director of HiFi Collective, told StereoNET:

What we like about Plixir Power is quite simple. The products offer real, fundamental system improvements based on sound engineering principles. They are strictly neutral, natural, and pure in tone, providing the right foundation for your equipment to perform to their full potential. Finally, the products are timeless and built for reliable long-term use, a real craftsman product.

Pricing for the Elite BAC 150 with two power outlets starts at AU$1,095/NZ$1,195 RRP, up to AU$7995/NZ$8995 RRP for the Elite BAC 3000 V 3000w 6 outlet Balanced AC Conditioner. 

Plixir also offers a range of Elite BDC, linear DC power supplies for various applications from 5V DC through to 24V DC. Prices start at AU$950/NZ$995 for 2A up to 15V, through to 6A dual output up to 15V for AU$1,395/NZ$1,595 RRP.

StereoNET reviewed the Elite BDC Linear Power Supply in 2021 and concluded:

The Plixir Power Elite BDC is a quality power supply that provides an instant uplift to your system's capabilities without heavy-handed alteration of its tone. From a performance perspective, it manages to stand out from the crowd with distinction. Pricing is more than fair and well-worth the investment, in my view.

Plixir's Power Products are fully Australian certified and compliant for use in Australia and New Zealand and carry a 3-year warranty (AC products) and 1-year warranty (DC products).

Note: images shown of UK receptacle. Australian delivered products include ANZ appropriate receptacles. 

For more information visit Plixir Power


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