Pioneer Launches Three New LX Series AV Receivers

Posted on 23rd November, 2015

Pioneer Launches Three New LX Series AV Receivers

Pioneer this week announced the Australian release of three new AV amplifiers, the SC-LX89, SC-LX79 and SC-LX59, all three compatible with DTS:X and Dolby Atmos.

All three models produce the ideal surround-sound environment that lines up and simultaneously drives the playback conditions of all speakers based on Multi-Channel Stereophonic Philosophy, which achieves stereophonics between all adjacent speakers.

Through the use of Direct Energy HD amplifiers, enabling high-power output on all channels simultaneously and MCACC Pro, which corrects temporal reverb characteristics and the phase characteristics of the speaker system, sound acoustic correction is performed to an extremely high level of precision. This means object-based audio playback has been produced faithfully in the form they were originally intended.

In addition, 4K/60P/4:4:4/24-bit video signals, the latest High Dynamic Range (HDR) signals for connecting with compatible video equipment to enjoy high-definition video and the HDCP 2.2 copyright protection standard are all supported.

Some of the features include:

  • Powerful Amps with the Efficiency of Direct Energy HD (High fidelity class D)
    By revising components and circuit design and performing tuning that leaves no room for compromise, Direct Energy HD amplifiers boast deeper and more powerful sound with the ability to produce high-power output across all channels simultaneously (SC-LX89: 9 channels, 850W; SC-LX79: 9 channels, 810W; SC-LX59: 9 channels, 760W).
  • Uncompromising High-quality Sound Design
    The employment of two SABRE32 Ultra DAC (ES9016S) units from ESS Technology to produce top world-class dynamic range and low distortion ensures the capabilities of the Direct Energy HD amplifier are manifest to their fullest extent.
    The use of a new ”Anti-Standing Wave Insulator” to inhibit vibrations from the outside and the employment of a ”Low Leakage Flux Power Transformer” in the SC-LX89 to reduce magnetic flux noise helps boost the signal—to-noise ratio in the overall sound.
  • Support for the latest object-based audio: Compatible with the next-generation DTS:X immersive format through an update
    The latest Dolby Atmos object-based audio is supported. This technology achieves the ideal three-dimensional sound field that reproduces the movement of sound in an unprecedented realistic sense by adding information
    on the movement of sound including positional information and timing as metadata, producing a rich and immersive surround-sound space as a result.
  • Certified by AIR Studios. A Serious Stamp of Approval.
    The SC-LX89 and SC-LX79 have been certified at London’s legendary AIR Studios, whose work is respected worldwide for award-winning motion picture soundtracks and peerless digital CD recordings. AIR Studios understands the artist’s craft, and like Pioneer, believes that faithfully reproducing what the artist originally created in the studio is the critical objective of the finest home theatre system.
  • Support for the playback of various high-resolution sound sources
    In addition to high-resolution sound source (192kHz / 24-bit) in FLAC, WAV, AIFF and Apple lossless file formats, direct playback of multi-channel content WAV (192kHz / 24-bit for USB input), FLAC (96kHz / 24-bit) and DSD (5.6MHz) files is supported, offering the ability to play a wide array of high-resolution sound sources.
  • Support for Internet Radio and Streaming Services
    With Internet Radio, the LX AV Receiver gives you a world of entertainment options. Not only can you enjoy thousands of Internet radio stations around the world with vTuner®, you can also access your favourite music
    from Pandora® and Spotify®, complete with on-screen album art and music information. Spotify Connect is a premium subscription feature that lets you play and control Spotify with your smart devices.

For full list of features and specifications, visit the Pioneer website.

The SC-LX89 ($4,999 RRP), the SC-LX79 ($3,999 RRP) and the SC-LX59 ($3,299) are available now.

Pioneer is distributed in Australia by Powermove Distribution.

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