Panamorph Releases New Scope Lens for Sony and JVC Projectors

Posted on 2nd December, 2020

Panamorph Releases New Scope Lens for Sony and JVC Projectors

Sony and JVC projector owners will have more to celebrate about this festive season with the release of Panamorph’s new and lower cost DCR-S1, DCR-S2 and DCR-J1 anamorphic lens. 

Designed for compatible Sony and JVC projectors, Panamorphs new range not only hits a lower price-point but also does away with the fuss of installing an anamorphic lens.

Traditionally, anamorphic lenses require a plate assembly to be fitted either directly to the ceiling above the projector or on a shelf below the projector. The DCR-S1, DCR-S2 and DCR-J1 however, are attached directly to the outer lens assembly of compatible Sony and JVC projectors. Tilt lock screws allow the lens to be adjusted and locked in place after final positioning.    

Identical to Panamorph’s CE Pro Product of the Year 2019 DCR lens, the DCR-S1, DCR-S2 and DCR-J1 are vertical compression lenses. As such they are able compatible with cinemascope format screens and offer an increase of 2.6 million pixels- as compared to watching widescreen formats with black bars on a 16.9 screen- for enhanced detail and a claimed increase in brightness of 38%.

A fixed lens system, the DCR-S1, DCR-S2 and DCR-J1 support multiple means for displaying 16.9 content on a 2.4.1 screen without shifting the lens. All of the new DCR lenses have a minimum throw ratio of 1.4:1 and are recommended for use with 2.4:1 screens that have a border of 1.5” or greater.

The DCR-S1 is compatible with the Sony VPL-VW270ES, VPL-VW570ES and VPL-VW590ES, while DCR-S2 is compatible with the VPL-VW760ES and VPL-VW790ES. The DCR-J1 is designed to be compatible with the JVC-DLA-NX5, DLA-NX7, DLA-N5 and DLA-N7.

The DCR-S1, DCR-S2 and DCR-J1 are now available in Australia and sell for a recommended retail price of $9,499.

For more information visit Panamorph


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