Posted on 16th May, 2019


Following the phenomenal success of Nura's first release, the Nuraphone headphones last year, Nura is back again, but this time, it's the NuraLoop.

Billed by Nura as the world's first earphones to automatically learn and adapt to your hearing, NuraLoop is engineered with the same multi-award winning and patented technology as its predecessor.

For those that enjoyed the adaptive sound experience of Nuraphone, now you can enjoy it in a more compact form with industry-leading battery life.

Dragan Petrovic, Nura CEO told StereoNET:

At nura, we are driven by a vision to deliver perfect sound to every individual everywhere. We are excited to make personalised sound, pioneered by the Nuraphone, available to our community even when on the move — something that has been requested by many in our community, from music fans for listening on the go to professional musicians for performing on stage.

Nura's point of difference is thanks to the use of highly sensitive microphones and advanced signal processing that monitor otoacoustic emissions (OAEs) by detecting the activity in the cochlea inside the ear to learn the frequencies that a listener may be more or less sensitive to.

The user simply runs the automated test via the Nura app, which is available for both iOS and Android, creating a personalised profile which is then stored directly on NuraLoop.

Features include class-leading phone call quality, thanks to four highly sensitive microphones. 'TouchDials' on each earphone can be dialled, tapped, or double-tapped to perform seamless combinations of useful functions including volume up/down, play, pause, skip and answering calls, giving full control to playing music on-the-go.

NuraLoop also offers adjustable Active Noise Cancellation - allows you to fine tune between completely silent, or 'full awareness' allowing ambient noise in so you can be aware of your environment.

With Bluetooth 5, you have all the convenience of wireless connection or make the connection with an analog wired cable if preferred.

With just 10 minutes of charge-time, you can listen for up to 2 hours, or with a full charge, you'll enjoy over 16 hours of playback.

Finally, NuraLoop has not forgotten about comfort with its lightweight body and ear-tip shape determined by using cutting-edge 3D mapping technology to achieve the best fit on the widest array of ears. 

NuraLoop is available for pre-order now with a 30% discount (for a limited time) off the regular $299 RRP via the Nura website.


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