Nura Headphones Moves to Amber Technology

Posted on 3rd September, 2021

Nura Headphones Moves to Amber Technology

Nura, the Australian headphone brand that caught the world's attention shortly after its inception in 2016, has announced its range will now be distributed by Amber Technology in Australia.

In 2019, Nura co-founder Dr Luke Campbell received The Prime Minister's Prize for Science; Prize for New Innovators, for the development of nuraphone, which is uniquely tailored to enhance the clarity of the user's hearing. 

Designed by a team of engineering, acoustics, biology and hearing science experts, the Nura team redesigned headphones to deliver a personalised listening experience for every user. 

The multi-award-winning nuraphone design measures the user's hearing in less than 60 seconds via the nura app. It tunes the headphones by specifically obtaining the user's frequency response to sound wavelengths, delivering a personalised sound. Designed with two speakers on each side, the user hears every note and feels every beat. Intuitive controls let users manage tracks and volume at the touch of a button, while active noise cancellation (ANC) and social mode allow only the sounds the user wants to hear to break through.

The Nura business has rapidly grown and includes nuraphone, nurabuds and nuratrue earbuds, nuraloop wireless earphones, and accessories, all supported via the nura app. The brand is currently available through major retailers and selected musical instrument retailers. 

Peter Amos, Amber Technology Managing Director, told StereoNET:

Nura is an interesting addition to the brands we represent in Australia and fits well across our broad portfolio of consumer electronics and professional audio products. We are excited to see what opportunities we can develop working together with the nura team.

StereoNET reviewed the nuraphone in 2019, declaring:

If noise-cancelling headphones were cars, then the B&W PX would be the BMW M3. The Bose NC700 would be the AMG A45 Mercedes, and the Nuraphone would absolutely be the Tesla.

nuraphone is also the official headphone supplier to the New Zealand All Blacks.

For more information visit Nura

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