Nordost Announces Odin Gold, it’s New Flagship Cable Range

Posted on 11th August, 2021

Nordost Announces Odin Gold, it’s New Flagship Cable Range

Last week's Hong Kong High End Audio Visual Show has seen the unveiling of Nordost's new top-level cable range - Odin Gold.

Until now, Nordost's Odin 2 sat at the head of the American cable specialist's Supreme Reference line. And while Odin 2 remains available, Odin Gold is now taking its place at the apex of Nordost offerings as the new flagship line.

Nordost proudly states that Odin Gold “advances the revolutionary technology generated throughout the development of the Odin 2 range and improves upon its elemental composition”.


Nordost Odin Gold

As the name suggests, the significant ingredient here is gold. For instance, the Odin Gold Power Cord is constructed using seven gold-plated, close tolerance, 14 AWG 99.999999% oxygen-free copper conductors. In addition, Nordost's patented Dual Mono-Filament technology creates a virtual air dielectric between the extruded FEP insulation and each individual conductor.

Nordost's gold-plated TSC technology is carried throughout the cable, and into its purpose-built, 100% shielded, gold-plated HOLO:PLUG connector. Odin Gold Power Cords are available with gold-plated HOLO:PLUG US (Nema), EU (Schuko), AUS or UK to HOLO:PLUG IEC-C15 or IEC-C19 terminations.


Nordost Odin Gold

Meanwhile, the Odin Gold Analog Interconnects consist of ten gold-plated, 23 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors, each utilising proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology, precise FEP extrusion, and gold-plated TSC shielding.

Again, these are terminated with gold-plated HOLO:PLUG connectors in both phono and balanced varieties. Notably, the low mass RCA HOLO:PLUG boasts an ingeniously devised dual ring design that creates an “asymmetrically balanced” cable. Furthermore, the gold-plated pins in the XLR termination are said to reduce vibrations and eddy currents.


Nordost Odin Gold

Nordost's Odin Gold Tonearm Cable + features four gold-plated, solid core 23 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors, wrapped in a patented Dual Mono-Filament suspension. The conductors are then individually shielded using Nordost's gold-plated TSC technology, allowing for 100% coverage and protection from external pollution (RFI and EFI) and crosstalk, says the manufacturer.

Grounding is taken care of thanks to a fully isolated bond ground throughout the cable, connecting the chassis of the turntable and phono-stage and two detachable, gold-plated ground whips, complete with Dual Mono-Filament technology and gold-plated TSC shielding. When needed, these ground whips connect to the shielding of the tonearm cable. We are promised that these will totally eliminate any noise that could be introduced during signal transfer.

Naturally, low mass, gold-plated HOLO:PLUG connectors, straight or 90° Din, XLR and RCA terminations are fitted.


Nordost Odin Gold

Last, and by no means least, Nordost's Odin Gold Loudspeaker Cables begin with a base constructed using 28 gold-plated, solid core 20 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors.

Each conductor benefits from the company's Dual Mono-Filament technology and is encased by high purity FEP extrusion. There is also an innovative tiered termination process that's said to ease the transition from cable to connector over several stages. Apparently, this process minimises the conversion points of conductors, using eight gold-plated, 14 AWG 99.999999% OFC conductors on either end of the cable.

In decreasing the number of conductors without reducing the overall gauge, Nordost says it eliminates overcrowding and creates orderly and precise connection points while lowering the impedance introduced in standard termination practices. In addition, we're told that this technique allows perfect mass-matching to occur between the conductor and connector.

Odin Gold Loudspeaker Cables are terminated using Nordost's gold-plated HOLO:PLUG spade and Z-plug banana connectors.

Nordost Odin Gold

Australian prices are as follows, for the Odin Gold Power Cord it's $54,995 for a 1.25 meter length, the Analog Interconnects are $61,995 for a 1-meter pair, while the Odin Gold Tonearm Cable + has a ticket price of $34,995 for a 1.25 meter length. The Odin Gold Speaker Cables will cost you $86,995.

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