Nirvana Sound Delivers Sutherland Engineering Phono Amp Range

Posted on 7th October, 2020

Nirvana Sound Delivers Sutherland Engineering Phono Amp Range

Melbourne-based specialists Nirvana Sound have signed a distribution agreement to deliver Sutherland Engineering's range of phono preamplifiers to the Australian market. 

Despite being the founder of Martin Logan loudspeakers many years ago, many argue Ron Sutherland's most outstanding achievement is his acclaimed phono preamplifier designs. 

Anthony Camplone, General Manager at Nirvana Sound, told StereoNET:

There is a clarity of vision and an elegance in the execution of his designs, an efficient simplicity which translates to sonics which are being celebrated all over the world for their musicality, flow, and emotional communication.

Sutherland Engineering says its product range is built upon core design values: - Avoid electronic colourations by keeping signal path uncluttered and straightforward. Refine the circuitry and layout for one audio channel - then build it twice for stereo. Further, they keep the clutter to a minimum in PCB designs, Keep the clutter of options out of the signal path and off the circuit board, while keeping AC power line noise and contamination out. This approach, combined with using only the best components and instrument grade craftsmanship, has paid off.

The range starts with the KC Vibe ($1,400 RRP) said to offer “amazing sonics with a great pedigree” and features both loading and gain options for MM and MC cartridges. 

Next up in the range is the Insight LPS ($2,740 RRP), the 20/20 LPS ($4,150 RRP) and the DUO LPS ($7,350 RRP), all utilising external linear power supplies.

Finally, the Little Loco ($5,950 RRP) and the Phono Loco ($12,850 RRP) feature new Trans-Impedance Input designs that are reported as “having a unique ability to 'dig deep into the music' and 'bring it to life'. They are dead quiet and very dynamic.”

Available now, StereoNET will be taking a closer look at the Sutherland Engineering range soon.

For more information visit Sutherland Engineering


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