NAD Electronics Launches CI 8-150 DSP Custom Install Amplifier

Posted on 11th February, 2020

NAD Electronics Launches CI 8-150 DSP Custom Install Amplifier

NAD Electronics has announced its CI 8-150DSP custom install amplifier which is expected to be available in April this year and will sell locally for $6,399 RRP.

NAD CI 8-150 ISE 2020

Thanks to a customised version of the proven nCore output stage, the new 1U amplifier delivers a “conservative” 8 X 150 watts per channel @ 8 ohms, hence its name. The CI 8-150 DSP is also bridgeable which enables it to push out 4 x 365 watts per channel also @ 8 ohms. As well as a dual bus system and analogue inputs, the CI 8-150 also offers optical and coax inputs.

Additionally, the CI 8-150 DSP allows installers to program and control a variety of functions which can be accessed through a web browser. The custom web UI can manage DSP calibration and IP control as well as offering several helpful diagnostic features.

NAD promises “audiophile-level performance, capable of offering highly detailed sound to the most demanding reference loudspeakers” from the 1U rack space amp.

Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook's Product Manager for CI, told StereoNET:

NAD's newest CI 8-150 distribution amplifier highlights one of the brand's strongest features which of course is our performance amplifier platforms. The brand has a stellar reputation for rock-solid amplification and a tonal balance that seems to shake hands with virtually any speaker it powers. Our clients can expect the same exacting standard. For example, this new CI 8-150 DSP adheres to the same stringent sonic tests as our best traditional amplifiers.

NAD T 778

NAD T 778 Available UK

Joining the CI 8-150 on the Lenbrook stand at the Amsterdam show this week is the 9 channel flagship AVR, the T 778, which is expected to land in Australia this week and sells for $4,999 RRP.

Launched at CEDIA, the 3U rack-mounted NAD AVR conservatively delivers 9 X 80W FDP and 9 x 160W FTC with all channels driven at rated distortion. It also boasts 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos, DTS Master Audio combined with Dirac Live room correction.

For more information, head over to NAD Electronics.

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