Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 2023 Amplifier Range Announced

Posted on 19th January, 2023

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 2023 Amplifier Range Announced

The iconic Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity range makes a comeback as new PRE, PAS and PAM amplifiers.

The new Nu-Vista trio of Musical Fidelity amplifiers are ground-up redesigns that hold true to Musical Fidelity's aim to emulate the real-life dynamic reproduction of music. Under company founder Antony Michaelson, there was always a particular eye on delivering big orchestras' full scale and emotion.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 2023

Now, under the stewardship of Heinz Lichtenegger (Pro-Ject Audio Systems) and Audio Tuning, a three-year, million Euro investment results today in a product range that promises to deliver on this founding aim. According to the manufacturer, the brand new, wholly re-engineered Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity range features pre- and power amplifier solutions that, when combined, deliver a performance that sounds like a dream.


The Nu-Vista PRE is a pre-amplifier from Musical Fidelity that features eight 6S51N nuvistor valves, fully balanced circuitry, and a precision-matched stepped attenuator for volume control. It also has a pair of mini (circa 50W) power amplifiers, running in Class A for pre-amp purposes, a large external power supply, and 12 independent inputs - six RCA pairs and six fully balanced XLR pairs.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PRE

With a claimed < 0.002% Typical (20 – 20kHz) THD+N and Channel Separation quoted as > 100dB (20Hz – 20kHz), Musical Fidelity says that the PRE is designed for reference-grade sound with a unique signature and comes with a dedicated remote control and power cables for easy connection.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PRE

We're told to expect a “silky smooth” sound with “enormous transients and an effortless feel”.

The Nu-Vista PRE PSU is a separate power supply unit designed to deliver perfect power for the Nu-Vista PRE pre-amplifier. In addition, it features built-in mains and output filtering, allowing the sensitive audio circuitry to perform without interference.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PRE

It is conveniently switched on and off via the Nu-Vista PRE's front panel. The brand states that the component's chassis is “Faraday cage-like”, protecting the internal circuitry from external electromagnetic fields.


Inspired by the iconic Musical Fidelity Titan amplifier, the Nu-Vista PAS is a fully balanced, Class A stereo power amplifier that combines discrete circuitry with a nuvistor valve stage and a separate power supply in a matching chassis.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PAS

The Nu-Vista PAS features four 6S51N nuvistor valves per channel, fully balanced circuitry, and a high-power, low-distortion output amplifier stage. It also boasts five high-power, thermally compensated output devices per channel for reliable and stable operation. Output is rated at 300W (8Ω) / 500W (4Ω) / 100W Peak (2Ω).

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PAS

Additionally, there are separate capacitors for bulk supply and one each for the output devices, reducing output impedance and improving dynamics, says the brand. Elsewhere in the circuitry, chokes are added for further-improved supply ripple.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PAS

Pulse current spike reduction bias is set for over 5W of initial Class A operation that slides into Class B operation at the point where the lower discontinuity is easier dealt with than “standard” crossover distortion, says Musical Fidelity.

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PAS

Additionally, it has a large external power supply unit (above) that allows the sensitive audio circuitry to perform without interference. Again, the chassis promises to protect the internal circuitry from external electromagnetic fields.


The Nu-Vista by Musical Fidelity range also features the Nu-Vista PAM, which takes the PAS design and separates it into fully separated monoblock amplifiers to create 600W (8Ω) / 1000W (4Ω) / 1500W Peak (2Ω).

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista PAM

The added space allows for a slightly modified internal structure featuring a bridged output amplifier stage utilising the power of 2 x 5 pairs of high-power thermally compensated output devices. The company states that the result is even more power and more remarkable drive per speaker for further improved audio imaging.

The brand new, designed from the ground up, Nu-Vista PRE pre-amplifier (AUD $41,000 RRP), Nu-Vista PAS stereo power amplifier (AUD $45,000 RRP) and Nu-Vista PAM monoblock amplifier (AUD $41,000 RRP each) will begin shipping during the early part of 2023.

Visit Musical Fidelity for more information

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