Posted on 17th May, 2017


US Audio brand Music Hall is sharing the love.

It’s hoping the new nicely priced  MMF1.3 turntable becomes the object of affection for heaps of budget conscious music lovers.

And it will thanks to its blend of audiophile grade sound, refined styling and a price tag of just $499 RRP for what is the brand’s new entry-point vinyl player.

Turntable buyers who snag an MMF1.3 before May 31st will get an added bonus: Music Hall’s Australian distributor Convoy, will knock 10 per cent off the RRP and each buyer becomes eligible to enter a draw for a bundle of prizes assembled from Music Hall’s current Save and Win promotion.

Music Hall MMF1.3

Audio veteran’s who know Music Hall’s dedication to good sound, fine engineering and excellent build quality can spot the brand’s turntable DNA in the MMF1.3 in a heartbeat.

They’ll also tell you the new LP spinner is no revamped or stripped back Music Hall model. On the contrary, the MMF1.3 arrives as a design fully developed on an all-new platform.

The 1.3 retains all the attributes of Music Hall turntables comprising a belt drive, manual operation, audiophile quality tonearm, hefty MDF plinth, superior isolation abilities, and audio grade components throughout.

The motor chosen for the MMF1.3 is a DC unit with exacting speed stability whilst the tonearm is honed from aluminium and fitted with close tolerance bearings.

The icing on this budget-pleasing turntable is the inclusion of an Audio Technica cartridge pre-mounted on a removable headshell.

Unusual for an audiophile grade budget turntable, the MMF1.3 is equipped with an electronic three-speed control. Vinyl lovers can chose to play, 33 1/3 LPS, 45’s and 78’s.

Music Hall has factored in that most current amplifiers have no phono stage. So it has built one into the MMF1.3 and what’s more it’s switchable.

Convoy are quietly optimistic about the prowess of its new turntable. John Martin, General Manager for Brands describes the MMF1.3 as a model continuing Music Hall’s tradition as the manufacturer of the world’s best value turntables.

We look forward to welcoming a whole new group of vinyl lovers to the Music Hall family with the very affordable 1.3’,

The MMF1.3 has a classy gloss black finish comes with removable RCA cable, aluminium platter, vibration damping platter mat, dust cover and vibration damping feet.

A complete budget package offering much more than its price suggests, the MMF1.3 turntable is available at Music Hall dealers in Australia now.

For more information visit the Music Hall brand page.

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