MSB Technology Announces S202 Stereo Power Amplifier

Posted on 26th May, 2020

MSB Technology Announces S202 Stereo Power Amplifier

MSB Technology has announced the launch of its S202 Stereo Amplifier.

The MSB S202 reaps the benefits of trickle-down technology from the range-topping S500 Stereo Amplifier, states the Silicon Valley-based company.

MSB S202

The S2020 is said to feature a more compact and lower-power framework that will still play nice with the company's DAC's “ultra-high dynamic range”. This is thanks to the amplifier's optimised architecture in the critical areas of audio performance, power supplies, and ultra-low-noise design (SNR = >133dB (>135dBA)), states MSB Technology. 

MSB S202

The S202 is a fully modular design power amplifier that outputs 200W at 8Ω or 250W at 4Ω. It sports a Class-A matched impedance input stage and an all billet CNC case. The result, we are told, is minimised signal reflections, input noise, and distortion, while also maximising power transfer and dynamic range in a zero negative feedback design. 

This has been achieved, in part, thanks to a massive custom low-noise high-current toroidal transformer and rugged high-current output buffers.

MSB S202

The S202 amplifier's billet aluminium case takes 14 hours of CNC machining to produce in-house at the company's Californian factory.

MSB S202

The S202 is equipped with a simple, user-friendly control interface. Intuitive pushbuttons, remote commands, and 12V triggers guarantee control over power and standby modes. Further control of amplifier “power on” timers and soft-start circuits allow a multi-amplifier system to power up without putting a strain on your listening room's electrical system.

MSB S202

Intuitively oriented speaker lugs direct your speaker cables in the right direction without strain. MSB points out that the S202's multiple ground posts enable EMI reduction strategies, including shielded cables and system star grounds. 

The MSB is available in matte silver or matte black anodised finishes. We are awaiting confirmed local pricing, but U.S. retail is $29,500.

For more information, check out MSB Technology.

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