MrSpeakers Evolves to Dan Clark Audio, and New Aeon 2 Headphones Announced

Posted on 6th November, 2019

MrSpeakers Evolves to Dan Clark Audio, and New Aeon 2 Headphones Announced

Names are important and even though MrSpeakers headphones have an excellent reputation, the brand can confuse some people. Let's face it, MrSpeakers design and make brilliant headphones - not loudspeakers. 

Dan Clark has always been fascinated by the inner workings of truly great Hi-Fi equipment and was driven to make products that challenge the limits of performance, then push past them.

In college, Dan pursued a degree in Engineering where he focused on linear circuits and power amplifiers. After graduation, Dan went to work in high-tech but never abandoned his passion and curiosity for high-performance audio. Along the way, he kept his hand in the audio world, participating in the early market requirements for Apple Quicktime as well as the development of early MPEG chipsets for set-top cable boxes.

MrSpeakers is Born

Post-graduation he began designing and building some incredible loudspeakers for both himself and other companies, including the highly regarded Studio 2 and Reference 2 speakers from Platinum Audio.  As his business grew, Dan named his design consultancy MrSpeakers to showcase his focus.

Shortly after that came the headphone explosion. As headphones made the transition from accessories to primary listening devices, Dan became interested in the pursuit of good sound from closed headphones and came across the community modifying Fostex headphones, where he learned many interesting things about headphone modification. Over time, Dan became an authoritative and reliable voice in the Headfi “modder” community, sharing numerous mods. As Dan and the MrSpeakers name grew in popularity, he began developing commercial products for headphone enthusiasts using the Fostex T50rp as a build platform resulting in the design of Mad Dog and Alpha Dog headphones.

Using the revenues generated by these sales, Dan funded the design and manufacture of his own “ground up” Planar and Electrostatic headphones, which have gone on to be some of the most highly awarded headphones of recent years.

So, as Dan is known and respected in the headphone world, it makes sense at this point to retire the MrSpeakers name and introduce Dan Clark Audio.

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2

The Aeon 2 replaces the original Aeon.

It might share many of the original Aeon Flow style elements (reviewed here), but the new Aeon 2 headphones are pretty much entirely new products. True, the cups remain virtually the same, but gimbal, baffle and motor have all been totally re-designed to improve ergonomics, transportability, aesthetics, and sound quality.

The original Aeon was designed as a full-size headphone for home, work or travel. However, many users noted that for them, using them while travelling was difficult due to their size.

Naturally, sound quality is extremely important and, while the original Aeon was highly regarded in the sub $1000 category, Dan Clark Audio has decided to incorporate the technologies from the Ether 2 flagship headphone to deliver near-flagship performance at midrange prices.

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2

Thanks to a unique folding gimbal system, the Aeon 2 delivers a much more compact travel experience when stowed in its all-new compact case. Not only do they fold up small, but they also look cool too, with their contoured gimbal that gracefully complements the cup to create a very attractive shape.

Aeon 2 sports an all-new motor assembly directly derived from the award-winning Ether 2 flagship. The new motor flips the magnet and flow structure to the outside of the headphone and uses the same high-precision machined airflow system as Ether flagship headphones. Dan Clark says this results in a “major upgrade to resolution, soundstage, dynamics, tone, and imaging.”

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2

The ultralight and very rigid carbon fibre baffle plates serve as the base for the driver. Additionally, the driver assembly is now mounted to an extruded and machined aluminium frame. The upshot here is a lighter and more rigid assembly than the original Aeon. The Aeon 2 Closed (there will be an open version landing later) weighs in at featherweight 325g vs AEON Closed which is 340g.

The new Aeon also benefits from updated ear pads that feature thicker sidewalls for enhanced isolation as well as improved aesthetics.

Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2

As well as a 60% smaller travel case the Aeon 2 comes with the Dan Clark Audio 2m DUMMER cable with either a 1/4-3.5 dual-tip or 4 Pin XLR termination.

A Premium AEON 2 option is available and includes the ergonomic, high-end custom-designed silver-plated copper VIVO cable with your choice of 2.5, 3.5, 4.4, 6.8mm tips or a 4 Pin XLR.  The 2.5, 3.5, and 4.4mm terminated cables are 1.1m long for travel convenience whilst the 6.8 and XLR cables are 1.8m.  AEON 2 is also available with 3m 1.4” and XLR VIVO cable.

The Dan Clark Audio Aeon 2 looks great and has the benefits of a lighter more portable closed-back headphone but with tech from the Ether 2. 

Available soon, Aeon 2 will sell for $1,595 RRP.

For more information, visit Dan Clark Audio.

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