Meze Audio Launches Limited Edition Art Gallery Empyrean Phoenix Headphones

Posted on 11th March, 2021

Meze Audio Launches Limited Edition Art Gallery Empyrean Phoenix Headphones

Meze Audio, the Romanian headphone specialist who is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, has announced a rare collector's item, the first from the Meze Art Gallery collection.

An artistic take on their core headphones, the new Empyrean Phoenix will be limited to just 100 pieces worldwide. Each product will come with a unique serial number.

Antonio Meze, Lead designer and Founder Meze Audio, told StereoNET:

Empyrean Phoenix is an artistic take on Empyrean that carries the same unique audio qualities as the original. We wanted to celebrate the first decade of Meze Audio in a truly remarkable way, one that matches our love for great aesthetics, good craftsmanship and innovative engineering. What we achieved can only be described as a work of contemporary art.

This exclusive pair comes with two sets of earpads - one real leather, one Alcantara. It also comes with an upgrade copper cable of your choice including, PCUHD standard 6.3 mm, PCUHD balanced 4 pin XLR, PCUHD balanced 2.5 mm, PCUHD balanced 4.4 mm.

With a name inspired by the myth of the Phoenix, this fiery red and black Empyrean features CNC sculpted aluminium chassis, finished with irregular patterns that create contrast and play of light and shadow. 

Being entirely hand-painted, passion-infused and carefully assembled, each of the Phoenix pairs is truly unique. 

Empyrean Phoenix features the same breakthrough technology of its predecessor, encompassed by an artfully re-imagined frame.

The Meze Audio Empyrean Phoenix Art Gallery Edition will sell in Australia for $5,999 RRP. There is a 30-day lead time due to it being hand-crafted and it being a limited edition product. You can order it from Meze Audio dealers now.

For more information visit Meze Audio


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