Meze Audio Elite Isodynamic Headphones Most Advanced Yet

Posted on 2nd September, 2021

Meze Audio Elite Isodynamic Headphones Most Advanced Yet

Meze Audio's Elite headphones are the most advanced yet, says the manufacturer.

Romanian-based Meze Audio again collaborates with Ukrainian specialist Rinaro Isodynamics to release its new Elite Isodynamic Hybrid Array headphones.

Meze Elite Headphones

Continuing the collaboration that saw the release of the Applause Award-winning Empyrean, the Meze Elite features an entirely new Rinaro driver built from the ground up.

Powering the Elite is the custom-developed MZ3SE Isodynamic Hybrid Array driver, which sees a combination of individual switchback and spiral-shaped voice coils in the one driver to target soundwaves with more accuracy around the natural form of the ear.

Meze Elite Headphones

The design builds upon what we experienced with the Empyrean. The switchback coil focuses on lower frequencies and is positioned in the upper part of the driver, partnered by a spiral coil that focuses more on mid and higher frequencies placed directly over the ear canal. The Elite has a 3–112,000 Hz claimed frequency response with a 32 Ohm impedance.

The driver features Rinaro Parus, a new, high-performing diaphragm material that has been developed specifically for the Elite. This low mass acoustic diaphragm is produced with bespoke sequential biaxial lengthening technology, states the brand. We are informed that this process involves stretching the material in transverse directions at elevated temperatures to improve structural performance.

Meze Elite Headphones

Pavlo Shymanovych, Founder of Rinaro Isodynamics, told StereoNET:

Rinaro Parus is the result of 3 years of exploration into material sciences by the team at Rinaro. The semi-crystalline micro structure exhibits remarkable strength, stiffness, and stability, combined with an extremely low acoustic mass. This brings a new level of performance to Isodynamic Hybrid Array drivers.

The chassis of the Meze Elite combines aluminium, carbon fibre and leather, promising maximum comfort and long-term durability while tipping the scales at 430g. Additionally, the Elite comes with 25mm deep hybrid ear cushions that have been specifically designed for these headphones and, according to Meze, perfectly balances the qualities of Alcantara and leather. Besides the high wearing comfort, this unique combo lowers the bass pressure and apparently delivers an airy sound signature. You also get a 30mm deep Alacantara pad to give you another option.

Meze Elite Headphones

Also borrowed from the Empyrean, Elite features fully isomagnetic earpad attachments held in place purely from the demagnetising field of the headphone's driver whilst separately redirecting magnetism back to the driver for maximum efficiency.

As you would hope when investing in some high-end headphones, Elite is fully serviceable: every part on the headphone chassis that can be easily disassembled and serviced.

The Meze Elite is now available for pre-order worldwide, retailing in Australia for $6,500 RRP.

Visit Meze Audio for more information

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