Melbourne Has A New Boutique Hi-Fi Destination

Posted on 12th December, 2019

Melbourne Has A New Boutique Hi-Fi Destination

If you've ever shopped for hi-fi in Melbourne, you've likely met Geoff Haynes at some stage. As the Manager of a prominent and iconic store in Melbourne for the past two decades, Geoff's well-earned reputation for exemplary service to his customers, and as a trusted guide to those on a long-term journey in high-fidelity music reproduction is second to none.

But it's not just about hi-fi, and now, Geoff has taken the massive undertaking to open a boutique store with his name on the door, signalling the start of his own journey in hi-fi and home cinema.

HeyNow Hi-Fi is located in the central and trendy suburb of St.Kilda, and best replicates townhouse or apartment living, typical of the area. Complete with a kitchen, bar, studio, and dedicated and purpose-built home cinema, Geoff offers a tailored and bespoke approach to your audio-visual requirements.

While HeyNow's doors are always open, the real experience starts with an appointment at their premises to get an understanding of your needs. Countless brands and products are available to audition, along with access to many of the leading brands from around the world.

The HeyNow brands are hand-selected to cover the vast array of applications across Hi-Fi, Home Cinema, Multi-Room Audio, Smart Homes and Automation, Room Acoustics and more. While it could be easy to label HeyNow as a 'one-stop-shop', Geoff prefers to call it 'the complete experience'. From the design to the delivery and installation, HeyNow Hi-Fi will manage the entire project with the level of service he's earned a reputation for.

Whether you are buying your first hi-fi system, creating the ultimate 'family-cave', or building an apartment with automation and voice control, Geoff's experience in the latest trends and techniques will take out all the guesswork and deliver a seamless experience.

Throughout Christmas, every Saturday is an open day at HeyNow Hi-Fi. Geoff has extended an invitation to all to come in and check out the new location, have a coffee, listen to some tunes or even get a cinema demonstration, HeyNow's doors are now wide open.

For more information, visit HeyNow Hi-Fi.


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