McIntosh MI1250 12-Channel Distribution Amp Launched

Posted on 19th October, 2021

McIntosh MI1250 12-Channel Distribution Amp Launched

McIntosh's MI1250 is the Binghamton brand's new 12x 50 watt digital distribution amp, and, unlike some components built for custom install home theatre projects, it actually looks good, too.

McIntosh MI1250

The rack-mountable MI1250 features two-pole, Phoenix-style push-in speaker terminals for each of its dozen channels while, under the hood, you'll find highly efficient Class D amplifiers that eschew the need for fans and fins. McIntosh states that the MI1250 is good for 50 watts of power into 8 ohms and 90 into 4 with power distributed via “highly sophisticated closed-loop digital switching amplifiers” that, we are assured, are paired with robust power supplies.

McIntosh MI1250

There are individual volume controls on the rear for each channel, and you are also treated to four digital inputs - two optical and two coaxial. There are also BUS ins and outs for distributing stereo signals and for connecting multiple amps.

Naturally, McIntosh has sprinkled some of its propriety magic over the MI1250 so, there's Power Guard looking after your speakers to prevent overdrive and Sentry Guard, which will disengage the amp's output stage if it deems it necessary.

McIntosh MI1250

Finally, the American manufacturer's styling cues are plain to see, including the black glass front panel, silver trim and illuminated green McIntosh logo.

The McIntosh MI1250 AV power amp will ship from November, priced in Australia at $8,495 RRP.

Visit McIntosh for more information

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