Marantz Celebrates ‘End of 40-Year Era’ with Special Offers

Posted on 21st May, 2020

Marantz Celebrates ‘End of 40-Year Era’ with Special Offers

Around two years ago, Marantz celebrated brand ambassador, Ken Ishiwata's 40th Anniversary by releasing two very special limited edition KI-Ruby components: the SA-KI Ruby SACD/CD player and PM-KI Ruby amplifier. 

These exceptional products were limited to just 1000 units each and set apart by a laser-etched facsimile of Ishiwata's signature and a 'Ruby' motif atop their front-plates. The new components were designed and tuned by a team led by Ishiwata to deliver truly outstanding sound, as well as being destined to become instant collectors' items.

Since joining the company in 1978, Ken Ishiwata had been at the heart of the development of the Marantz sound and has led the team responsible for some of the company's most celebrated products. He introduced the idea of 'Special Edition' tuning - taking an established product and applying even higher quality components to further enhance performance, and of course developed the 'KI-Signature' range of CD players and amplifiers, which has delighted thousands of enthusiasts over many years. 

He also travelled the world promoting the Marantz brand in many countries. He was one of the best-known figures in the world of high-end hi-fi, both for his love of music and his remarkable demonstrations of Marantz products to visitors to international audio events. 

The KI-Ruby series marks the end of an era and reflects several decades of Marantz experience in disc players, DAC and amplification. 

Ken Ishiwata left Marantz after over forty years in the job back in May 2019 and sadly passed away later that year. You can read StereoNET's tribute to Ken here. The Marantz 40th Anniversary products will be remembered and cherished as part of Ken's legacy to the hi-fi world.

For more information on KI Ruby, as well as where you can audition and take advantage of the 'End of a 40-year Era' special pricing, click here.

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