Make Your Records like New Again with the Degritter Record Cleaning Machine

Posted on 31st October, 2019

Make Your Records like New Again with the Degritter Record Cleaning Machine

Having a clear vision for the expectations of a new product ensures a positive outcome, and that's precisely what Degritter had when they set out to design their Ultrasonic Record Cleaning Machine in 2015.

Degritter says it also had to be simple to use, thoroughly clean records, look good and be well-built, and most importantly, not sound like a vacuum cleaner! If you've used any of traditional vacuum style record cleaners, you'll agree.

The Degritter uses an ultrasonic water tank cleaning process followed by a separate drying cycle to provide what it says is “a superb cleaning effect.” 

To create the best ultrasonic cleaning system, they experimented with different frequencies while virtually simulating the energy distributions when cleaning records. Degritter built their own custom ultrasonic amplifier to power the system and spent long hours under a high-resolution microscope to assess the safety of the device. After multiple physical prototypes, the Degritter was perfected, and born.

Degritter's distinct minimalist look was created in close collaboration between the team and an accomplished industrial designer to achieve a sleek product that can be proudly displayed next to a high-end audio system.

Throughout the whole technical design process, Degritters says they also paid close attention to the noise levels of the device. For this reason, they have created a unique pumping solution that, together with silent dryers and inaudible 120kHz ultrasonics forms a product that makes almost no noise at all.

As a result of the meticulous design and build process, Degritter has come up and now released a record cleaner its owners can take pride in using.

Available in early November, the Degritter sells for $4,550 RRP and pre-orders are accepted now.

For more information, visit Degritter.


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