MadVR Video Processors Now Available in Australia

Posted on 25th February, 2021

MadVR Video Processors Now Available in Australia

External video processing is not a new trend. The long-considered market leader, Lumagen, has been around since 2001.

Generated video or picture is becoming more complex every day with the emergence of HDR, 4K/8K resolutions, different aspect ratios, and much more. But just as an external amplifier, as opposed to an integrated all-in-one, can deliver sound quality benefits, there are large picture quality gains that can be realised with the addition of an external video processor.

MadVR emerged as the new player in picture town only recently, and as it releases its first commercially available products, NSW-based AV importer National AV Solutions has been appointed as its exclusive Australian distributor.

MadVR's Envy Pro is a modern-day video processor for high-end cinema. Aside from its professional-level calibration capabilities, it offers 4K Upscaling and Sharpening, Auto Aspect Ratio Control, and HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping. 

The PC-based Envy Pro detects every single incoming aspect ratio, instantly adjusting the image to exactly fit your screen, regardless of its AR and the AR of the movie even as it changes back and forth. Additionally, MadVR's patent-pending dynamic tone mapping analyses every frame in real-time to determine how each pixel should be adjusted - that's nearly a half-billion pixels per second at 4K60Hz!

The MadVR Envy Pro is available now from $13,995 RRP.

For more information visit MadVR


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