Luxman Launches L-507Z Integrated Amp and PD-151 MkII Turntable

Posted on 4th August, 2022

Luxman Launches L-507Z Integrated Amp and PD-151 MkII Turntable

Luxman's L-507Z integrated and PD-151 MkII turntable join the M-10X stereo power amplifier in marking the company's centenary celebrations.

The Luxman M-10X stereo power amp kicked off the centenary celebrations at the start of the year (2025 is its actual centenary year), and we were promised that there was more to come, and indeed there is. Luxman has announced the imminent arrival of its L-507Z, which debuted at High End Munich, alongside an updated PD-151 turntable.


The L-507Z is the first of Luxman's “new generation Z series” of integrated amps and features the company's LIFES v1.0 amplification feedback engine. The Luxman Integrated Feedback Engine System is touted as much more than a mere evolution of the ODNF (Only Distortion Negative Feedback) circuitry, which the brand pioneered back in 1999. Instead, LIFES is apparently the result of a systematic exploration of alternate designs, using dedicated software to simulate electronic performance across the entire circuit.

Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amplifier

Amongst the technology and features, you will find Luxman's new LECUA1000 88-step electronically controlled attenuator integrated into the amplifier circuit. This promises minimal sound degradation over the full range of volume control. Meanwhile, instantaneous current supply and voltage stability are thanks to a custom-made EI-type power transformer and newly developed large-capacity filter capacitors (10,000µF x8). Additionally, large, low resistance, parallel-configured speaker relays transmit the quoted 110W per channel into an 8ohm load or 210W per channel into 4ohm loads. Finally, the 300 damping factor has been attributed to direct wiring to the speaker terminals using Luxman's proprietary OFC wire.

Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amplifier

The new 25.4kg integrated amp sits on cast iron feet and features four sets of line-level RCA inputs, phono inputs for MC/ MM cartridges and two pairs of balanced XLR inputs. In addition, fascia-mounted headphone jacks accommodate 4.4mm and 6.3mm connections. The Luxman L-507Z also offers two banks of speaker terminals (A and B).

Luxman L-507Z Integrated Amplifier


Luxman's belt-driven PD-151 MkII is said to achieve both rigidity and vibration dampening by attaching heavy components to the underside of a 10mm aluminium top panel. A box-shaped chassis on the underside also houses a framework structure that controls small vibrations, the crosspiece being the top panel.

Luxman PD-151 MkII Turntable

The PD-151 MkII is equipped with Luxman's S-shaped LTA-309 tonearm with knife-edge bearing tech developed by SAEC and an H4 bayonet headshell. The arm has an effective length of 222.5mm and an 18mm overhang. The armbase is machined aluminium, boasts a minimal contact area, and is mounted in a way that suppresses unwanted vibrations, we are told. As well as adjustments for anti-skating and stylus pressure, the LTA-309 can also be adjusted for arm height.

Luxman PD-151 MkII Turntable

A DC brushless low-speed, high-torque motor is controlled by a Proportional Integral Differential (PID) feedback loop. Furthermore, for added precision, according to Luxman, the motor drives the outside flange of the 4kg aluminium platter through an “uncommonly wide belt” for stable 33.3, 45, and 78RPM playback via a speed selector on the front of the turntable where you will also find pitch adjustment, start/stop and power controls. Wow and flutter is stated as 0.04% or less (WRMS).

Luxman PD-151 MkII Turntable

The spindle supporting the platter is a highly rigid, 16mm diameter, hard stainless-steel shaft with bearings at the lower end. The bearing structure combines a thrust bearing lubricated with PEEK material and a brass radial bearing filled with organic molybdenum oil. You also get a turntable mat constructed from “special vibration-absorbing rubber material”.

Australian pricing and availability is not yet confirmed.

Visit Luxman for more information

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