Luxman D-03X MQA Decoding CD Player Coming Soon

Posted on 8th April, 2020

Luxman D-03X MQA Decoding CD Player Coming Soon

Luxman's new D-03X CD player packing a hi-res DAC circuit as well as MQA decoding is on the water and set to arrive in Australia soon.

Combining traditional red-book CD playback with an advanced hi-res DAC circuit featuring MQA full decoding, the D-03X is based on the firm's much-lauded D-05u CD/SACD player.

Luxman D-03X MQA CD player

The AUD $6,499 RRP player includes MQA technology, which enables you to playback MQA-CDs as well as MQA audio files up to 24-bit transferred via the unit's USB, optical and coaxial inputs. The USB input also supports PCM data up to 384 kHz/32-bit and DSD data up to 11 .2 MHz while the optical and coaxial inputs accept PCM signals up to 192 kHz/24-bit.

In addition to conventional “isochronous” file transfers at fixed bitrates, the USB input supports four modes of Bulk Pet high-resolution audio file transfer. Bulk Pet optimises data packaging and delivery to the DAC, easing the processing load for both the host and device CPUs. This, says Luxman, enhances playback stability and ultimately yields improved sound quality. All signals benefit from a high-precision, low-jitter, low-phase-noise master clock.

Luxman D-03X MQA CD player

The CD transport boasts a steel top plate, an 8mm thick solid aluminium base, a shielded box sub-chassis and a loop-less structure. The D-03X's asymmetrical mechanical layout places the CD drive on the left - ideal for the design's signal flow, resonance control and weight balance, according to the manufacturer. The robust box chassis frame shields the CD transport and delicate circuitry from external vibrations and noise. For the all-important analogue circuit, the outputs of the dual monaural Texas Instruments 32-bit PCM 1795 DAC chips are fed to a current-to-voltage converter stage.

Luxman D-03X MQA CD player

Naturally, the new disc spinner features Luxman's zoom mode screen which enlarges the fluorescent display. Also, here you will notice that the LED signifies MQA decode status - blue for Studio, green for Authentic and purple/red for Renderer. This can all be controlled from the classy white blasted aluminium remote control panel. Finally, The D-03X provides 18mm gold-plated RCA outputs and high-end Neutrik balanced XLR outputs.

The Luxman D-03x is available is available to pre-order from dealers now.

For more information, head to Luxman.

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