Lumin Announces Versatile P1 Network Player

Posted on 6th October, 2021

Lumin Announces Versatile P1 Network Player

Lumin has announced its latest P1 Network Player, which promises versatility, the build and sound quality we've come to expect from Lumin, and a myriad of integration options.

Since bursting onto the scenes only a short time ago, Lumin has quickly made quite the name for itself in the network and streaming audio component marketplace. If you've ever taken a look inside one of its products, it's no wonder why. With exceptional engineering and workmanship, combined with its stunning detail and audio quality, Lumin is quickly rising to be one of the benchmarks in this category.

Its latest release, the P1, is designed to be the heart of your system, as the company's most flexible player yet as it can be used as a streamer, DAC, Preamplifier, or all three. It even offers HDMI 2.0 inputs and 4K passthrough with ARC support.

Additional features include 9 digital & analogue inputs, USB Digital Audio input & output support up to Native DSD512, Balanced & unbalanced analogue inputs, SPDIF & AES input support up to 192/24 with DoP, Roon Ready, and includes the aforementioned HDMI.

The specs are impressive too, with a new processor delivering native DSD512 & PCM384 playback, Dual Mono design throughout maximises channel separation, Dual ES9028PRO SABRE DACs in Mono mode, Femto Clock System with precision FPGA distribution, a new integrated dual-toroidal linear power supply & all-in-one chassis, and Fibre Network provides complete isolation from network digital noise.

Lumin has also introduced a new tactile infrared remote control that allows easy input change, volume adjustment, playlist navigation and more. The exceptionally well-constructed acrylic and zinc LUMIN remote is made in Austria, while the new infrared receiver built into LUMIN P1 is compatible with universal remote controls, phones and automation systems.

The versatile P1 can be used in a number of ways:

    LUMIN P1 can be used like all other LUMIN players. With its DSD512/PCM384 support, Femto Clock System, Fibre Networking, toroidal power supply, and Leedh Processing, P1 is second only to LUMIN X1 in pure streaming ability.
  • IDEA 2 - HI-FI HUB
    Connect all your stereo sources to LUMIN P1 and attach a power amplifier and you've got everything you need for an incredible music system.
    No need for an AV Receiver. Simply attach your HDMI sources to LUMIN P1 and P1 to your TV. With HDMI ARC, all your audio comes through your main speakers.

THe Lumin P1 Network Player will be available in December 2021, and will sell for A$14,900 RRP.

For more information visit Lumin


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