Linn LP12 Half Price Upgrades and Free Specialist Advice

Posted on 31st January, 2020

Linn LP12 Half Price Upgrades and Free Specialist Advice

Linn's LP12 Majik Turntable continues to deliver life-long performance to both long term Linn fans, and newcomers to the iconic brand. The good news is a special offer on now until the end of March can help you along with your LP12 journey.

What's on offer? Buy a Linn LP12 Majik turntable during the promotional period, and you'll receive an Akurate level upgrade for half-price.

The available upgrades include Trampolin base board (RRP $339, now $169.50), Kore sub-chassis (RRP $1,495, now $747.50), Akito tonearm (RRP $3,195, now $1597.50), Lingo 4 Power supply (RRP $2,995, now $1,497.50), Krystal MC cartridge (RRP $2,495, now $1,247.50). So there's never been a better time to 'hot-rod' your LP12.

Thanks to the modular nature of the Majik LP12, with a series of upgrades you can upgrade your turntable to the flagship level, the Akurate LP12, as your budget allows.

Being such a specialised product, Linn's Australian distributor Advance Audio has also launched a brand new 'Live Chat' service. Via the dedicated website, Linn product specialists are available to walk you through the upgrade process and the best advice for your needs.

The Linn Majik LP12 is available now and sells for $5,695 RRP through authorised Linn specialist dealers. 

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