Krix Releases Flagship MX-40 Home Cinema Speaker System

Posted on 13th January, 2020

Krix Releases Flagship MX-40 Home Cinema Speaker System

Krix has today announced its latest addition and flagship offering in its MX custom installation home cinema speaker range - the MX-40.

The Australian home cinema speaker specialist has expanded its popular behind-screen MX range considerably since the initial release in 2015, with recent additions of the MX-5 and MX-10 last year.

Krix MX-40
The MX-40 is the brand's new flagship 3-way design and features a dedicated high-frequency compression driver and newly engineered 6-inch midrange driver. Both are coupled to a brand new single-mould, dual-horn system that has been developed by Krix over the last three years. The horn brings a uniform, constant directivity pattern, improved frequency response and extremely low distortion, even when pushed to immense sound pressure levels.

Krix MX-40
The front main speakers incorporate the proven 15-inch Krix bass driver, while the submodules house authoritative 18-inch woofers. The resulting driver and horn complement is said to deliver an incredibly smooth and dynamic cinema sound.
The MX-40 maintains the same system height and depth of the MX-30, with only the system width increasing to 3150mm. This means that you won't need to give up any extra depth in your home cinema room.

Krix MX-40

Furthermore, the MX-40 is the first Series MX system that is bi-ampable, incorporating two pairs of binding posts per speaker module. Additionally, the redesigned acoustic material on the front baffle features patterned acoustic material giving the unit a refined style as well as increasing the overall surface area of absorption, says Krix.
Scott Krix told StereoNET:

Each Series MX system already delivers huge excitement and presence – we wanted to take it up a notch and see what was possible with a 3-way MX in the range. We've invested significant time to prototype and develop the new dual horn system, and the resulting MX-40 is capable of incredibly smooth, accurate, defined and powerful life-like sound.

Pricing is yet to be confirmed for the MX-40, with shipping planned to begin in Q2 2020.

For further information, head on over to Krix.

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