Krix Announces 2021 Dealer Awards

Posted on 27th October, 2021

Krix Announces 2021 Dealer Awards

One of the highlights for industry members each year and for those fortunate enough to be part of the 'Krix family', is the Adelaide-based company's annual dealer conference.

StereoNET has been fortunate to be invited along as a guest in previous years, and the events have been thoroughly enjoyable (legendary even!). It offers an insight into the Krix company and culture, an awards dinner, and usually includes a tour of the regions finest wineries and craft breweries. It's always a tough gig, and all in the name of work, of course!

Krix Annual Dealer Conference in pre-COVID times (2018)

Sadly, like all the good things of the last two years, today's event had been forced into the virtual realm once again. But that won't put a downer on the recognition of this year's highest performing Krix dealers, nor will it dilute the passion the brand's dealers all share for this hugely successful Australian brand.

Krix 2020 Virtual Dealer Event

From humble beginnings over 45 years ago making speakers for friends and family as the Acoustic Foundry in Goodwood, Adelaide, the Krix family have nurtured the company into a globally respected loudspeaker brand. 

Not even border closures will dampen the spirits of Sydney Hi-Fi Mona Vale when it comes to Krix.

StereoNET would like to congratulate the Krix Dealer Award winners for 2021.

Dealer of the Year – Home Entertainment Speakers

West Coast Hi-Fi – Midland

Dealer of the Year – Concealed Speakers

Selby Acoustics

Dealer of the Year - Dedicated Home Cinema

West Coast Hi-Fi – Cannington

Regional Dealer of the Year

Oak Flats Electronics

Dealer of the Year – Single Store

Blackwood Sound

Dealer of the Year – Multiple Stores

Selby Acoustics

Gary Krix (left) and Don MacKenzie (right)

For more information visit Krix


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