Keith Monks Prodigy Makes Record Cleaning Fun

Posted on 21st August, 2020

Keith Monks Prodigy Makes Record Cleaning Fun

Keith Monks has released its quietest Record Cleaning Machine yet, the Prodigy RCM, by Jonathan Monks, the founder's son.

Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine

The latest record-cleaning machine from the Keith Monks stable is available now following five months of beta testing and refinement.

Taking its design cues from the original machines – which are still in use in the British Library and the United States Library of Congress - the Prodigy is said to bring all the classic Keith Monks RCM features but wrapped in a sustainable bamboo chassis. Additionally, the new machine boasts a smaller footprint, a lower price and, perhaps more importantly, even quieter running.

Also, Prodigy brings the world's first threadless point suction cleaner to market. Previous KM machines have used a thread between the suction nozzle and the record. The new system is more straightforward and more effective, says the brand.  

Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine

The Keith Monks cleaning method is a liquid on and liquid off solution. The company states that this guarantees no recontamination from previously used fluids and you should be able to clean both sides of a vinyl LP in approximately five minutes.

The Prodigy RCM is said to be able to also safely clean CDs, Blu-Ray Discs, and even computer CDs and Laserdiscs.

Possibly inspired by gaming PCs, Prodigy is fitted with a multi-colour lighting system for personalisation and a bit of fun.

Keith Monks is currently looking for an Australian distributor so Australian pricing and availability are unknown, but overseas the Keith Monks Prodigy Record Cleaning Machine sells for £795 / €895.   

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