JBL Adds New L82 Bookshelf to Classic Lineup of Loudspeakers

Posted on 8th January, 2020

JBL Adds New L82 Bookshelf to Classic Lineup of Loudspeakers

JBL's remake of the iconic L100 loudspeaker in Classic form in 2018 brought with it critical acclaim, including attracting StereoNET's coveted 5-star Applause Award. For 2020, JBL has announced the L82 Classic, a modern bookshelf version of its bigger sibling.

Following on the heels of a long line of industry-leading success, the new L82 Classic uses the same tweeter as found in the L100 Classic, but uses an 8-inch driver for a two-way application in a more compact size overall.

Jim Garrett, Senior Director, Product Strategy and Planning, Luxury Audio, told StereoNET:

With the L82 Classic, we have a product that evokes the same instantly recognizable design and revered sound quality, and yet it does so with a considerably smaller physical footprint. We expect these to be a hit with music lovers who desire the attributes of the L100 Classic in a more compact size.

The 1-inch Titanium driver with acoustic lens waveguide features a front-panel mounted HF Level attenuator, while the 8-inch cast frame woofer with a white poly cone is said to “deliver a full, natural sound with bass reflex turning via a front-firing Slipstream port.” Bass response is reported as reaching down to 44Hz (-6dB), while efficiency is quoted as 88dB and impedance of 6 Ohms nominal.

Delivered in a distinctly iconic design like the L100, the retro design features the Quadrex foam grill available in black, orange, or blue colour, embellished by the black and bronze JBL logo. The recognisable walnut wood veneer finishes the bookshelf speaker, which is said to be able to be positioned vertically or horizontally.

Measuring 472.8 x 281 x 296mm, the L82 Classic is still large by bookshelf standards, and at 12kg each you'd want to make sure your shelf is well supported. But fear not as just like the L100 Classic, JBL offers dedicated stands for its 82s, pitching them at the right angle and height for critical listening at ear level when floor mounted. 

The JBL L82 Classic will be available from April this year and will sell overseas for USD $2,500 per matched pair. The optional JS-80 floor stands will sell for USD $250 pair. Pricing for Australia and New Zealand have not yet been confirmed.

For more information, visit JBL.


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