Isotek Launches V5 Aquarius Power Optimiser

Posted on 21st October, 2021

Isotek Launches V5 Aquarius Power Optimiser

IsoTek, a world-leading manufacturer of power optimisation products specifically for hi-fi and AV applications, has launched its new V5 Aquarius.

With six independent power cleaning networks in a single chassis, the Aquarius features two outputs for high-current devices and four designed for preamplifiers, source and network components. According to the company, “these use multiple independent power cleaning networks that dramatically reduce Differential Mode mains noise cross-contamination between output sockets.”

While the V5's predecessor has won more awards than any other product the Winchester, England, company has designed, the new version is said to benefit from a total redesign from the ground up. It still, of course, retains IsoTek's core principles of the EVO3 - “every element has been carefully considered, questioned, and ultimately, improved.”

One of the new additions is the inclusion of two thermomagnetic fuses: 16 A for the two high-current sockets and 6A for the remaining four. The thermomagnetic fuse system offers an increased contact area at least 1,000 times greater than a standard fuse, which according to IsoTek, “offers a substantial upgrade.”

Other upgrades include the PCB copper-loading increased by over 35% “to improve amperage and decrease resistance.” The new circuit is also said to offer twice the inductance with a 40% increase in current.  Improvements have also been made to the 'Direct Current Resistance', with the V5 Aquarius measuring at least 25% improvement compared to its predecessor.

IsoTek adds:

The upgrades result in the V5 Aquarius delivering absolute power and unrestricted current delivery within the confines of energy company and regulatory limits. The sequential protection circuit of the V5 Aquarius has been increased to now offer 81,000 A of instantaneous protection and 40,000 A of continuous protection; it is the most robust surge-protection system IsoTek offers at the price point.

Finally, a new 'System Link' feature at the rear of the chassis allows multiple IsoTek devices to be connected for better performance as everything references back to a single wall socket.

Available from December in Black and Silver finishes, the IsoTek V5 Aquarius will sell for AUD $3,999 / NZD $4,399 RRP.

For more information visit IsoTek


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