IsoAcoustics Launches Online Calculator

Posted on 11th June, 2020

IsoAcoustics Launches Online Calculator

IsoAcoustics has now made it even easier for you to select the correct isolation for your speakers, turntable and components.

The Canadian manufacturer of acoustic isolation equipment that has risen to incredible popularity over the past 12 months, has released a new online Calculator to help you find the right IsoAcoustics isolation product for your particular needs. 

IsoAcoustics Calculator

The new IsoAcoustics Calculator includes over 3,000 different models of speakers, studio monitors, amplifiers, turntables, and more. Don't worry if you have some custom equipment or rarity either, as the wizard will ask a few questions depending on the application and then make a product recommendation.

The online Calculator will undoubtedly come into its own as IsoAcoustics continues to expand and release new products in the Pro Audio, Home Audio and Live Sound sectors so, as the choice gets larger, so could the confusion.

IsoAcoustics Calculator

IsoAcoustics Calculator One of the most significant benefits of the IsoAcoustics Calculator is that it will help you find the right GAIA model and the matching thread size for your speaker. The GAIA and GAIA-TITAN series isolation feet come in six sizes, and replace the existing feet on floor-standing speakers, subwoofers, and components. The new Calculator will not only recommend the appropriate GAIA model, but it will also specify the speaker's thread size for that model or list the standard thread sizes used by that manufacturer.

You will be able to find the calculator on IsoAcoustic partner websites as well as on IsoAcoustic's own site, naturally.

Furthermore, IsoAcoustics is continuously updating the Calculator database, not only with newly released models but also existing models yet to be uploaded. Additionally, there is also a mobile app in the works which should be available soon. 

For more information, visit IsoAcoustics.

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