In-akustik Delivers New Reference Micro Air Cable Range in Australia

Posted on 15th May, 2020

In-akustik Delivers New Reference Micro Air Cable Range in Australia

Germany's highly respected cable manufacturer, In-akustik, has released its latest audiophile cables in Australia, the Reference Micro Air series. They consist of two ranges of loudspeaker cables and two ranges of analogue interconnects.

Developed from the company's earlier Reference Air cables, they continue to use insulating air in a central role. In-akustik says that air has “excellent dielectric properties”. It recognises that cables inevitably degrade sound. So the company's design philosophy is “to adapt the unavoidable physical filter effect of the cables by means of the architecture and choice of materials in such a way that losses and interactions are reduced to a minimum.”

The cables employ multicore architecture with bundles of concentric copper strands. Around the inner insulating sheath are woven strands of insulation which provide “micro air channels”.

All the cables are handmade in Germany, and each is individually tested after manufacture both mechanically and functionally.

The entry-level LS 104 Micro Air speaker cables come in three-metre lengths and are factory terminated with the customer's choice of banana plugs ($850) or spade lugs ($950). The higher-end LS 204 XL Micro Air speaker cables are likewise in three-metre lengths. They include “6-fold multicore architecture” technology. With banana plugs, they cost $1,350, and $100 more for spade connectors.

The interconnects likewise come in two levels. All are available in 0.75-metre, 1-metre and 1.5-metre lengths. The entry-level NF 104 Micro Air interconnects, terminated with RCA plugs, cost respectively $400, $450 and $540. The higher-end NF 204 Micro Air interconnects, likewise terminated with RCA plugs, sell for $500, $570 and $720 respectively. And the NF 204 Micro Air interconnects are also available with XLR terminations for $540, $600 and $750.

StereoNET previously reviewed the Referenz range of cables from In-akustik, concluding:

My experience with the Inakustik cables and risers was one of those moments on my audio journey where I knew with perfect clarity, that what I was hearing was audibly superior to what I had before.

For more information, visit In-akustik.


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