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Hulgich Audio is a speaker manufacturer based in Adelaide and one that is gaining an international reputation for its affordable audiophile quality models.

StereoNET recently reviewed the Hulgich Serenade speaker and were charmed by its effortless yet revealing sound. During that review Nicholas Hulgich spoke about the new Ella Mk2 and months later, the details have now emerged.

The Ella Mk2 may be just the ticket for all those seeking full frequency sound from a medium-sized speaker. Hulgich says the Ella offers a dynamic contrast and harmonic expression of a much larger speaker but within a modest size.

Hulgich Audio Ella Mk2

The new Ella is a complete new 3-way model and not just a revamped Ella MK1. All the drivers are larger and capable of effortless dynamics, harmonic detail, and transparency.

Ella MK2 has a 28-23000 Hz frequency range, a power rating of 150-watts and impedance of 8 ohms and an 86dBV sensitivity. Build is exemplary, and each speaker weighs 45 kgs. Prices start at $8400.

Hulgich speakers, including the Ella Mk2 will debut at the Melbourne International HiFi Show, driven by the UK’s Nord Acoustics pre and power amplifiers and connected by handmade Hulgich's new FTM Feel The Music cables.

Nord Acoustics amplifiers feature Hypex NCore Class D technology. They also have a discrete Class A input buffer section to deliver class a sound. The brand’s models are equipped with metal film resistors to a 1 percent tolerance and audiophile grade polystyrene capacitors in their audio stage.

FTM’s cables are the result of research into components that can interact in a harmonious and natural way but also capable of delivering the most lifelike sound quality.

Many materials were tested before FTM settled on silver plated copper. The result is now a range of affordable FTM cables with their involving non-fatiguing sound.

Prices are $485 for a 2.5 metre pair, $635 for a 3.5 metre pair, and $785 for a 5 metre pair.

Hulgich Audio will be demonstrating its range in Room 1311, Pullman Mercure Hotel, Queens Road, Albert Park. Melbourne.

Tickets are on sale now.

For more information visit Hulgich Audio.

Originally published as Hulgich Audio's New Ella Mk2 Loudspeakers


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