Huawei x Gentle Monster Eyewear II is a seamless blend of Fashion, Tech, and Audio

Posted on 21st October, 2020

Huawei x Gentle Monster Eyewear II is a seamless blend of Fashion, Tech, and Audio

While Huawei isn't claiming super-power status for its contribution to smart techwear, its latest x Gentle Monster Eyewear II sunnies are still something special.

A collaboration between communications giant Huawei and sunglasses fashion brand, Gentle Monster, the new Eyewear II won't allow you to straddle very tall buildings with a single bound or stop a runaway train with a finger. But they will go boldly were other sunnies have never gone before. Don a pair and before you can say “Krypton” they'll connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth to send music streams to your ears.

Well not exactly to your ears, but pretty close via the speaker in each of these sunglass's slender arms. 

And if your smartphone uses an Android platform, you can answer calls or connect to your phone's voice assistant. You can't answer calls if you have an iPhone. Pairing this eyewear with an Android phone requires downloading its app called AI Life for Androids and Eyewear for iOS devices.

You pair these sunglasses with your smartphone by placing them inside their leather case, which is also charging case with a USB port. Press the function key and wait for a couple of seconds until an LED pulsates. Scroll to the app for your phone on your device's screen, select, and you're done.

The latest version of Huawei's Gentle Monster sunglasses builds on the features of its previous models, and the redesign sees the angles between the arms and frame increase from 12 degrees to 20 degrees. There is also a redesigned case.

The new version has a larger, but slimmer speaker said to offer the conscious savvy wearer a wider soundstage that is subjectively more immersive listening to music playing games or watching TV. That's if you wear your sunnies inside, of course.

Controls are built into the arms and are accessed by tapping the left one to engage voice assistant, or swiping to adjust volume or playing the next or previous song stored on your phone. Double-tap the right arm and the music will play or pause.

Huawei's new sunnies also have several sensors built-in. One of them susses out wear status and for example, will pause music playback if it detects the user has taken over the glasses. Music playback will automatically resume if the sunglasses are put back on again within three minutes of taking them off.

After taking them off for a while and putting them back on, a window will appear on your phone's screen, allowing the wearer to check the sunnie's battery level.

The Huawei X Gentle Monster II weighs about 46 grams and has a dust and water-resistant rating of IP67 meaning it will survive a light shower. Playback time is about five hours.

Australian pricing and availability has not yet been confirmed.


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