Posted on 30th September, 2019


National AV is on a mission to piece together and demonstrate what it believes to be the highest-fidelity home cinema for compact spaces.

Take our word on it, visitors will be stunned by the power, the clarity and the musicality of this compact 5.1 system.

Room M8, typical in size of a small lounge room, will feature the brand new Wisdom Audio Insight P4 and P2 on-wall speakers, combined with the brilliant SCS line transmission 400-watt Active subwoofer.

Wisdom Audio are world leaders in PDM ribbon driver technology and make a range of Point Source and Line Source speakers that offer performance beyond the reach of many other speaker brands.

Visuals will be taken care of by Barco, the world leaders in Digital Cinema projection, with its brand new Bragi 5.2K (5120x2160) resolution, native 2:37 CinemaScope DLP LED projector. This is the very latest in projection technology, so you don't want to miss it.

Storm Audio, another cutting edge audio brand is the only high-end AV processor to offer a fully expandable and upgradeable chassis from 16, 20, 24, 32 Channels, without the need to trade in your older processor.

All immersive audio codecs including Dolby Atmos, DTS X, and Auro 3D are on board, along with the all-new DIRAC 2.0 room correction. 

Currently capable of 9.1.6 Atmos configurations, the new ISP32Mk2 will include Dolby Atmos 13.1.10, DTS:X Pro 30.2 with HDR10, Dolby Vision, HLG and IMAX enhanced.

The Melbourne Hi-Fi Show will be the first showing of the Storm Audio ISP32Mk2 in Australia, and it won't be available until early next year.

USA's number one selling projection screen company, Screen Innovation, is known for disrupting the market. It was the first to introduce Black diamond ALR ambient light rejection back in 2008 and is still regarded by many as the world's best ALR screen. 

They were also the first to introduce Zero Edge screens, now reproduced by many brands, and the first to introduce Zero-G floating screens. Not only that, Screen Innovation was the first screen in SPACE - as used on the International Space Station. Do you need any more convincing why you should check out Screen Innovation in Room M8?

Combined, this compact yet very-potent home cinema adds up to a total combined value of over $116,000 - without sources!

Be sure to visit National AV in Room M8 for a serious home cinema demonstration.

Tickets on sale now.

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