Hi-Fi Show: Sound & Vision Group Steps into the Spotlight

Posted on 9th October, 2019

Hi-Fi Show: Sound & Vision Group Steps into the Spotlight

Those attending this year's StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show must remember to visit Room 1205, as that's where Sound & Vision Group will be exposing audio appreciators to its carefully collated repertoire of startlingly good products.

Just some of the great products on show include Van den Hul's celebrated phono cartridges, J.C. Verdier turntables, Elektra amps and Theophany speakers from earthquake-prone Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Taking possible pride of place in this thrilling exposition will be Van den Hul's 'The Grail' phono stage with its unique preamplifier section, a coil design with no sound-impairing capacitors and filters, and zero noise. 

'The Grail' will be paired with the Colibri XGW Signature Stradivarius, a cartridge lovingly handmade from high density, cross-grained Brazilian pau wood and coated with Van den Hul's proprietary Stradivarius lacquer. With its extremely high output, high-strength magnet and 24-karat gold coils, the XGW's demo will be unmissable. 

Another highlight of the Sound & Vision Group suite will undoubtedly be the beyond-legendary, utterly beautiful La Platine Verdier turntable. The fact that it's been around since 1979 and numerous attempts have been made to copy its design, yet the hand-built French turntable still has demand exceeding supply, says it all. 

Featuring what is reputedly the quietest main bearing of any turntable on the market, the La Platine uses two large ceramic ring magnets to suspend the 20kg platter, which floats on its magnetic cushion.  

Former air traffic controller Garth Murray's adventure in hi-fi began with a mystical vision, and the Theophany loudspeaker brand was born to instant acclaim. 

It's a name every Kiwi knows and respects, but Theophany makes its Australian debut at the StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show and will be showcasing two brand new models, the Paizo stand mount and its high-end floorstander, the Airo Tower. 

With its emphasis on hand-built quality control and its almost mystical approach to phenomenal sonics, Theophany punches well above its price point. 

And finally, the Sound & Vision Group stand will be powering their exquisite gear with home-grown Elektra Audio amplifiers. Designed, hand-built and tested by Arthur Rappos, Elektra pride themselves on stereo and multi-channel amps that can battle it out with the most exulted high-end brands, but at a remarkably affordable price. 

Be sure to stop past Room 1205, October 18-20 at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Albert Park. Tickets on sale now.


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