Hi-Fi Show: M8audio World Premiere of Tower Maxwell Speakers

Posted on 15th October, 2019

Hi-Fi Show: M8audio World Premiere of Tower Maxwell Speakers

Debuting at last year's StereoNET Hi-FI Show, Australia's M8Audio is back with the world premiere of its Tower Maxwell, flagship loudspeaker.

The relatively new Australian speaker brand is keen to let local music lovers have an extended listen to its beautifully made new model. 

The Tower Maxwell is the largest in the M8Audio range - a 3-way floor standing speaker it features a 28mm Beryllium tweeter, 6.5” Egyptian papyrus midrange, and 9.5” long-throw woofer. On launch, it will sell locally for $23,000 RRP /pair.

M8Audio's founder, Mark Thomsen, told us:

The overall philosophy is musicality, and this will be very evident from the sound of the equipment put together in the room. Exquisite levels of detail, presence and imaging to die for, but in a warm and inviting way that draws you in and makes you forget all about the gear.

Mark also says that the new Tower Maxwell specifically “has bass that has grip, depth and slam that is unheard of in a speaker at this price point.”

One thing's for sure, the Tower Maxwell is undoubtedly attractive, and if their sound at last year's show is anything to go by, you'll want to mark Room 1308 on your list as a 'must visit'.

The 2019 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-Fi Show opens at noon on Friday 18th October and runs through to 5 PM on Sunday 20th October at the Pullman Hotel, Albert Park.

Last days for discount tickets online.


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