Hi-Fi Show: Hand Crafted Australian Made Valve Amplifiers From Nano-AT

Posted on 9th October, 2019

Hi-Fi Show: Hand Crafted Australian Made Valve Amplifiers From Nano-AT

Making its show debut, Nano Audio Technology will show off for the very first time its range of hand-crafted, Australian made tube audio amplifiers.

We strive to use the best designs with the best value parts available in the pursuit of stunning sound at an amazing price.

Newly released and on demo will be the Finement 8 watt Single Ended 300B Amplifier with E280F input tubes, running in triode mode for ultra-low distortion. Prices start at $3,800, and it involves over 50 hours of labour.

Nano-AT builds each amplifier by hand by just one person from the chassis up. They choose and test each individual component and tube to make sure they reach tight design tolerances. No detail is left unchecked.

With over 30 years of professional broadcasting by Nano-AT's chief designer, this experience has led them to select their current line up of parts and design including direct coupling of stages, said to be one of the most difficult to balance and requiring many more hours of labour.

All the models in the Nano-AT range are available as power amplifiers only, or as a dual input integrated combined with a high-quality TKD gain/volume control.

Nano Audio Technology will feature in Room 1202 in conjunction with Wyndham Audio, and GrizzlyWorks. The 2019 StereoNET Melbourne Hi-FI Show runs from October 18-20 at the Pullman Mercure Hotel, Albert Park. Tickets on sale now.

For more information, visit Nano-AT.


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