Goldmund 37S Analog Preamplifier

Posted on 20th August, 2015

Goldmund 37S Analog Preamplifier

Goldmund, the Rolls Royce or Bentley of the Hi-Fi world have announced their Mimesis 37S high-end analog preamplifier with a promised even lower noise and distortion. In the high-end Hi-Fi world, few are more respected than the swiss Goldmund name.

So when you're looking for the best in audio reproduction, the Mimesis 37S (Signature) is a high-end analog preamplifier that benefits from many of the technologies used in their most prestigious and refined model, the Mimesis 22H.

Its ability to lower noise and distortion, using multiple parallel class A single-ended stages is purely incredible and has made it a reference unit that connoisseurs keep on ordering year after year. This version is the same as the original and acclaimed one.

Utilising a full Dual-Mono construction with processor-driven linked attenuators, the Mimesis 37S uses a separate power supply unit (dual chassis) for optimum noise reduction and 2 successive stages of power regulation with 4 separate circuits. It is delivered with 7 inputs - 5 unbalanced and 2 balanced and 1 unbalanced tape loop – and has balanced and unbalanced analog output circuits.

The Mimesis 37S is also protected against ground loops and AC line drops or interruption which will trigger automatic muting.

The Mimesis 37S is a reference in analog preamplification if the 22H is anything to go by, will possibly remain without equivalent in audio circuit quality and sound for the years to come.

When only the best will do, the Goldmund Mimesis 37S Analog Preamplifier is available now for $35,000 RRP.

Goldmund is distributed in Australia by Absolute Hi End.

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