Fabulous Reception for QualiFi at Melbourne International HiFi Show

Posted on 8th July, 2016

Fabulous Reception for QualiFi at Melbourne International HiFi Show

QualiFi, one of Australia's longest standing audio-visual distributor report a great reception to their two rooms at the recent 2016 Melbourne International HiFi Show.

Using the show as a perfect opportunity to launch the brand new Denon PMA2500NE Premium Integrated Amplifier and DCD2500NE SACD Player, along with other products including the new Marantz Special Edition models paired with the Jamo Concert C109 speakers, Qualifi have reported an overwhelmingly positive response.

Paul Astbury, Brand Manager for QualiFi told StereoNET:

The International HiFi Show in Melbourne was without a doubt one of the better industry events we have participated in. The sound from the new Marantz Special Edition models, paired with the Jamo Concert C109 speakers, received very positive comments from the steady stream of Hi-Fi enthusiasts across all three days.

Most of the demonstrations were fed from hi-res 192/24 files streamed from the new Heos Link, which was connected to the Denon Amplifier. The ability to also wirelessly send the same music (or other music from virtually anywhere) to wireless Heos speakers in other rooms of the home also received a positive response from show visitors. There is no doubt the segment for wireless, whole home audio is growing dramatically, proven by the amount of interest in these products at the show.

The level of interest in Denon and Marantz proved beyond doubt that these iconic brands in HiFi are still well and truly alive and well in traditional two channel applications, as well as multi-channel and wireless applications.

For more information visit QualiFi.

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