Emotiva Announce GEN3 XPA Amplifiers

Posted on 6th April, 2016

Emotiva Announce GEN3 XPA Amplifiers

Following the successful move from a manufacturer-direct sales model to worldwide distributors last year, Emotiva's Australian distributor Final Link Audio has announced the upcoming release of the much awaited GEN3 XPA amplifiers.

UPDATE (6th April 2016) - Due to revised and streamlined manufacturing processes, Emotiva have announced a slight price reduction which has been passed on to international distributors. See below for revised pricing.

The new GEN3 is a fully modular design allowing consumers to so simply add more channels to their amplifier at a later date.

Emotiva say they looked hard at their X Series of amplifiers, and in doing so discovered several areas where their years of experience, along with advances in audio technology, indicated that they could make significant improvements in their amplifier designs. They kept the best features of the original designs, added a new set of optimisations and improvements, and the result became the foundation of the new line of audiophile amplifiers.

The new fully modular design allows them to be configured at the time of ordering. You can choose any configuration you want, from two to seven channels. All configurations are built on the same chassis, sharing one very robust power supply. If your needs change in the future, you can easily have more channels added. Now there's no need to get rid of a perfectly good two channel amplifier when you want to move up to surround sound.

Emotiva XPA Gen3 Amplifiers

The new XPA Series utilises a high-current switch mode power supply. It's a power supply capable of delivering over 3kW of continuous power with what Emotiva says is “absolute reliability and extremely high efficiency”. It shares the dynamic attributes of a classic transformer based design with none of the downside. It's lightweight, intelligent, and extremely powerful!

Shane Lewis, Managing Director at Final Link Audio, told StereoNET:

The bottom line is that the new XPA Gen3 amplifiers will deliver the full power and majesty of today's high definition movie and music sources without a hint of strain, loss of detail, or control. We're talking about real-world power and fidelity that you can immediately hear and appreciate. No excuses, no compromises, and no doubletalk.

Emotiva also recently undertook a large transition to move production of their products from overseas back to the U.S.A. The GEN3 XPA series is proudly designed, assembled, and tested in the U.S.A.

Real, clean, power at affordable and realistic prices, be sure to check out the new GEN3 XPA range of amplifiers from Emotiva.

All models are rated at the following power output (per channel):

300 watts RMS per channel; THD < 0.1%; into 8 Ohms
550 watts RMS per channel; THD < 0.2%; into 4 Ohms
800 watts RMS per channel; THD < 0.5%; into 2 Ohms

Recommended Retail Pricing is as follows: XPA-2: $1,799, XPA-3: $2,099, XPA-5: $2,699, XPA-7: $3,299
(Update: the revised pricing has seen a $100 price reduction on each model, as quoted).

Final Link Audio expect stock to be available early May or sooner. All Emotiva products purchased via authorised Australian dealers are covered by a 5 year factory warranty.

For more information visit Final Link Audio.

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