Elevate Your Digital Audio with Nordost Cables Offer

Posted on 1st August, 2020

Elevate Your Digital Audio with Nordost Cables Offer

Let’s get straight to it - there are many non-believers when it comes to aftermarket cables. The snake-oil brigade will fight to the death claiming there are no audible differences and spend a lot of time chanting a mantra that probably equates to something along the lines of “It can't be measured so it can't be heard”. 

Anyone fortunate enough to witness one of the many cable demonstrations that Nordost has held at local retailers or Hi-Fi Shows likely needs no convincing that cables sound different. Audible improvements as you move higher up through the Nordost range have included bass and vocal clarity, detail, and tonality. The many times I have attended these events, the decision has been unanimous. 

Nordost Demonstration at Audio Solutions, Sydney (2019)
Nordost Cable Demonstration, Audio Solutions - Sydney (2019)

So with that out the way, a little about Nordost. Established in 1991, the Massachusetts, US-based company handcrafts all its cables at its headquarters, and over the last three decades has forged an excellent reputation and accumulated hundreds of awards, garnering an audiophile fanbase in over 72 countries.

The audiophile's journey, at some point, will undoubtedly focus on cables. Just like rolling tubes, all cables exhibit different sound characteristics, and while there is no hard formula for what cables work best with different brands and types of products, trialling different cables can be an enjoyable and rewarding process. It allows listeners the opportunity to fine-tune their systems for their sound preference.

Nordost's Australian distributor, Advance Audio, wants to make this process a little easier on the wallet in August as part of its special promotion. Available exclusively via Nordost specialists, they're offering 20% off the retail prices of the digital cable ranges including USB cables, Digital Interconnects, and Ethernet cables.

I'm the first to admit the Nordost range can be overwhelming to those not familiar with the brand, so Advance Audio has created an easy to follow chart to guide you through the different cable options and levels. For interest's sake, Nordost is not a brand that is often discounted or put on special, so this opportunity is a genuine chance to invest in Nordost and save a few dollars. 

For more information and to find your nearest specialist, visit Nordost.


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